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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

How To Make Money On YouTube Working From Home

More than 30% of the human population wants to experience the convenience or ease of working from home and making money with YouTube. That's something sensible and worth it, provided you are aware of the prerequisites and you adhere to the already established rules and guidelines. However, not everyone knows what these rules and guidelines are; some know what they are, but they don't exactly understand how they operate, and that's precisely what this article talks about. This article will teach you everything you need to know how to make money on YouTube working from home. Let's go! 


You can't earn money online from YouTube if you're not a user of the app itself, and no, not just by scrolling through videos already on YouTube but by developing your own YouTube Channel. Have a plan on what your Channels content should resemble, basically create your Signature! Ensure your YouTube Channel Page is fun, enjoyable, and welcoming. You don't want a channel that's disorganized, too little, or too much. Now let's get to the hard part, which is creating content. If you want to be a YouTuber, then you have to be consistent with content production. For it to be easy for you, pick a niche you are interested in - something you can create content without stress. The good thing about youtube is that there are many options on the type of content for the platform. Some of the contents are vlogs, webinars, tutorials/how-to, behind-the-scenes, product reviews, user-generated content, e.t.c. The list is endless; there is so much you can do.

1. YouTube Partner Program (YPP) requirements


It is important to know that your already set up channel has to meet the YPP requirements. To count your channel worthy of joining the program, it has to have a bare minimum of 1,000 subscribers and a total of 4,000 watch hours or more in the last 12 months. Not so easy eh? Well, it could be, provided you adopt this simple logic; the higher your number of videos and the needs they meet, the higher the chances of it reaching the viewing-hours brink. Videos that are entertaining and high-quality are more likely to fit in the category of those that earn you more subscribers and views. Immediately you've met these requirements, go to your profile and navigate the "monetization" section, and you're good to go. You're welcome! 

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Are you wondering how to meet these requirements? First, you will need to do a form of promotion; either you opt for free advertising, which entails using your other social media platforms to promote your videos, or use a paid promotion service. The choice is yours!

2. Google Adsense



Connecting to Google AdSense gets you approved as a YouTube Partner. Google AdSense is the company's system for advertisement. Using AdSense is the key to acquiring space on videos based on relevant keywords, the title of your video, and your audience. In addition, the number of "impressions" that your videos make determines how much you'll be paid. "Impressions" means when a viewer clicks on an ad or watches it.

3. Correctly Set Up Your YouTube SEO


Having gone through the rigor of setting up your video and carefully editing them, not filling out the right title, tags, and description for the video could potentially leave you with zero views after three months or more! Saddening huh? To successfully make money on YouTube, you have to maximize YouTube SEO. Keyword research is significant in achieving this. Ensure you make use of high-value keywords in your video titles, descriptions, and tags. For your videos to be found quickly and enjoyed, there are some key ranking factors for YouTube SEO that you should consider: the video length, the number of comments, subscribers you get after a particular video has been watched, the likes and dislikes ratio, and the keyword relevance. Generally, it's advisable to use keywords that surround "how-to," "tutorials," and "reviews," as Google provides the video results for these keyword searches.

4. YouTube Premium


Now Google AdSense isn't the only way for YouTube Partners to earn money on YouTube, working from home. Making your videos available on YouTube Premium is another way; you get a percentage of YouTube Premium users' subscription fee when a member watches your video. This process is automatic, which makes it even more convenient and direct.

5. Add Affiliate links to your video.


Perhaps you aren't making a lot of money from running ads; another beneficial method of monetizing your YouTube channel that you should take advantage of is adding affiliate links in the video description. These affiliate links should surround recommending products that your viewers can purchase and carrying out product tutorials. If a user visits your link to buy a product you recommended, you start earning commissions immediately. Placing the link at the top of your video description increases the chances of your viewers seeing and clicking on it. You can also talk about the affiliate offer and what surrounds it in your video content.

6. Grow Your Audience

Building your audience is beneficial to you in more ways than one. Firstly, a large audience increases your chances of successfully making money online by selling digital products, eBooks, and online courses. Your audience purchases these items from you directly, adding more money to your bank account! 

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You can also ask for donations by using crowdfunding. Recurring and project-based crowdfunding are the two basic types. The former allows contributors to pay a specific amount on a planned schedule. In contrast, the latter is for projects that need financial assistance. You can use sites like GoFundMe or Indiegogo for Project-based Crowdfunding. 

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Additionally, growing your audience attracts companies to your channel, especially if your audience is their target audience. Interested companies usually sponsor your videos or offer you deals in exchange for a shout-out. So what's in it for you? You may ask. Well, you'll most likely be paid either on a per-sale basis or in commission. However, it is important that you can vouch for the services the company renders before you sign up for the deal.

The "sponsor" strategy is another thing you should tap into. Here, YouTube doesn't get any part of your earnings as you directly negotiate with the company and get paid directly! Little wonder YouTube is a significant way to earn money online while working from home! 

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And it's a Wrap!

Earning money online by working from home has been made possible and accessible to everyone on planet earth, provided you're willing to put in the work. It's common knowledge that little effort births little reward and large effort births large reward. All you need to do is choose yours! The earlier you start using YouTube, the earlier it is for you to generate traffic and be in a better place in the next 1 or 2 years when the competition is tougher than it is right now.

So here is a recap on how to make money on YouTube Working from Home;

Become A YouTuber
Join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and meet the requirements
Connect to Google AdSense
Correctly set Up Your YouTube SEO
Consider using YouTube Premium
Add affiliate links to your posts


7. Grow Your Audience

May the odds forever be in your favour, Ciao!


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