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Are you a writer, a marketer, or a blogger?  Do you enjoy writing to promote your blog, product and business? Then look no further because at MONIWAYS.COM you can reach a large audience with your post and generate income for yourself. is interested to promote experience and passionate writers that want to write on how to make money online, blogging/website tips, search engine optimization, internet marketing, computer/technology, mobile device and social media etc.

Why Write For Us
  • To get exposure and target traffic for your articles, blog, product and business etc.
  • You will get free social media promotion. We will promote your articles on Facebook,Twitter,Google plus and any other social media we can lay our hands on.
  • You can add you website links to your articles to get traffic directly to your site but we will not accept articles from people who are only interested to get search engine link juice from our blog.
  • Are you still interested to write for us? Below are the rules you must follow to submit your guest post for approver.
Rules to Follow

  • Your articles must not be less than 400 words and must be written in good readable English.
  • Your articles must be original. You must not copy from any website, blog and magazine or from any book.
  • Once we publish your article, you must not modify and republish it elsewhere in future.
  • You must reply to comments on your articles after we have published it on our site. Your backlinks we be removed if you fail to do that after we have contacted you to do it.
  • Your articles must not be written to promote your website, product or business. If your want to write articles to promote your products and business, please contact us.
  • Articles with irrelevant links, affiliate links and links from adult sites will be rejected.
  • You can promote your articles after we have published them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Google plus etc.
    If you follow these rules we will publish your guest post for free.

NOTE: we reserve the right to review and modify your articles and also reject it when we feel it does not meet the standard we want. Also note that once your article is approved and published on our blog it becomes our property.

If you want to write for us and you want us to publish your article on our blog, please send your articles on plain text to 


Can I Add My Bio

Yes you can add your bio to it because you have worked so hard to give us great content and we will be so glad to promote you and give you the exposure you desire. This you will do mainly on your byline.

In your byline you will explain who you are, what you do, and it should not be more than three sentences. You can also add two links to your bylines. It can be a link to your blog and to your social media profile, the choice is yours but we will make only the link to your blog a do-follow link if your article is worth it. We don't guarantee do-follow links so if you are writing guest post for us just because you need a do-follow link i advice you try another blog because you will not get it.

We will put your byline at the bottom of your article.

Please note that sponsored post is different from guest post. Sponsored post is written to promote a product on behalf of a company or a client. So if you want us to publish your sponsored post please inform us by sending us an email to

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


  1. I really love your site and the inspiring content. For a while its been hard to locate such inspiring medium and i think you are among the few that should stay, keep it up.


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