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Monday, August 26, 2013

About To Launch A Website? Here's The Vital Preparation You MUST Do First

When you launch a website, a lot of the most important work you do for it won't take place on the computer, but will instead take place in your head as you think about the best strategies and ideas for your marketing, design and content.

Likewise, a lot of the most important work you do won't happen when you already have a website: it will happen before you've even bought one - when you're still preparing to launch your new site. Here we will look at some of the crucial things that you need to consider before you create you embark on this project to make sure that you have the very best chance of success. Build strong foundations now, and you can almost guarantee your site will thrive and grow once you unleash it onto the worldwide web.

Choosing Your Niche

Perhaps the single most important decision that a webmaster or blogger makes for their website is the niche that they want to work within. This will define the subject of your site, the topics that you end up writing about, and the sites that you can work with/promote yourself through.
But choosing a niche that's popular and easy to make money from isn't all you need to concern yourself with. Even more important is just making sure that you choose a niche that you find interesting and that you'll be passionate about. That way you can ensure that you find it easy to come up with lots of new topics, and crucially that you enjoy doing it and have fun being a webmaster.

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Choosing a Great Name and Byline

You have your niche, now you just need to come up with a great name that can become the face of your website and act as a brand for your marketing. You might also consider looking into coming up with a byline. This will be a short line of text that goes straight after your title, and that will help readers to know instantly what the site is all about and whether or not they might be interested in it.

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Researching the Competition

Another important thing to do before setting up your website, is to spend some time looking around at the competition that you'll be going up against. That means finding out what the other top websites are in your niche, and it means trying to find out what kinds of things the audience in that market look for in a website. The more research you can do, the more good ideas you'll come up with and the more


You should also spend some time learning as much as possible about your niche, about web design and about business. The more you learn up front, the better prepared you'll be, the more informed your articles will be, and the fewer mistakes you'll make along the way.
And in fact, if you want to go one better, then you could even consider launching a smaller site to begin with as an almost 'trial run'. Spend some time trying to promote that, and the lessons you learn will be invaluable to take with you into your serious project.

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AUTHORS BIO: The author of this post, Michael Todd, is a part of the team at PenTech Consulting, an SEO company based in Connecticut. He is a hard worker and he enjoys spending time with his family on weekends and the holidays.


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