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Friday, March 28, 2014

How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required

I am not going to make this article very long because I know you are not interested in my life story, how much money I make daily or all that other crap some bloggers put in their blog post that have nothing to do with the subject at hand. The reason while you are reading this post right now is because you want to learn how you can easily make $25 to $50 online without investing your money and that’s exactly what you are going to get from this article. 

make money online

Below I list ways that virtually anyone can use to make money online without having to sell anything, build a list, do seo, or the hundreds of other tedious things we have to learn to do as internet marketers. This report is to help you make a daily internet income without investing any money. Depending on how much you want to work each day…You can realistically earn $25 - $50 a day for a couple hours of easy work. 

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Note: You should still try and learn the ins and outs about internet marketing if you really want to make a lot of money online. But this report is to help you put some cash in your pocket right now! So let’s get started.

Make money as a writer with no writing skills  

The best easy site to start making money online writing articles is Textbroker. allows anybody to easily make money online writing articles because they are not strict unlike hundreds of paid to write article sites out there that you need to be a professional writer before they will pay you. To qualify to get paid to write articles for all you have to do is provide a short writing sample on a simple topic you are given. This writing test helps them to determine how well you write so that they can give you a ranking. Your ranking is used to determine how much you get paid per word for each article you submit.

The chart below will make you understand how the ranking system works and how much you can make per article.

Article Quality                              payment per word                               payment per 500 words

2 stars: legible                               0.7 cents                                                  3.50 USD
3 stars: good quality                     1.0 cents                                                   5.00 USD
4 stars: excellent quality              1.4 cents                                                   7.00 USD
5 stars: professional quality         5.0 cents                                                   25.00 USD

As you can see above, you don’t need professional writing skills to earn a 2 star rating and make $3.50 for a 500 word article. The better your writing skills are the more you get paid.

Now…No matter your skill level, it is easy to write a 500 word article in about 10-15 minutes. So if you spend just 2 hours a day writing articles on Textbroker, you will make about $28 - $42 a day. That’s if you are not even a good, great, or professional writer. So if you are a very good writer, you can imagine how profitable this site can be for you.

Make money doing stuffs you already do for free  

Ask yourself…How many hours do I spend online surfing the net, watching videos, and posting on social media sites. Most people do these things at least a couple hours a day. If you are one of these people….Why not get paid for it?

Below I will list a couple of sites that will pay you to do simple things like:

1. Get paid to sign up for to join an optin list. 

2. Get paid to tweet. 
3. Get paid to watch videos and comment on them. 
4. Get paid to comment on blogs. 
5. Get paid to like a Facebook page or blog post.

The good thing about this money making opportunity is that each task you complete takes only a few seconds to a few minutes to complete. You can make $.50 to sign up to join an optin list, or $.65 to visit a Facebook fan page and leave a comment. And there are even jobs that pay you $.40 to comment on a video. Just spend a couple hours a day doing these things and you will easily earn $25-$50. 

Think about it…You can make $25 an hour just to watch videos, visit Facebook pages, and comment on blog posts. Now that’s easy free money! 

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There are hundreds if not thousands of sites that pay you to do these kind of tasks, but below are 2 to get you started.

Mybroswercash – allows you to make money by downloading their app and getting paid to see ads when you surf. You can make a few bucks a month doing this but the real money can be made inside the members area in the earn money section. You can earn some easy money by completing offers and performing tasks.

Microworkers. – is all about doing small jobs for cash. You could spend all day on this site because they have some many offers to choose from and most of them are very simple. 

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Well…There you have it! 2 easy free ways to make money online without investing a dime of your money or having any special skills. If you are a new marketer or need to make some extra cash, without really having to work too hard, then this site will really help you.


  1. Can we put our links in the TextBroker's articles?

    1. No you can't because you're writing the article so that somebody else will buy it and they will pay you for your job so you cant put your links there

  2. Nice one have to go try these out

  3. Nice Idea thanks to sharing
    a useful link

  4. Pls sir I want to make money using Facebook and watching videos comments and so on but I don't know how to register no link and again can it pay me in Nigeria thank you


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