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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Check Out These 3 Simple Ways to Make Money with Live Streaming!

There are many Internet users who use live video streaming to promote their brand. With this medium, businesses are able to position their brand, create the buzz of their new products andget rapidfeedbackfrom their target audience. The growing trend of this new marketing tool has opened new avenues for businesses to promote their brand.

Besides, a video also brings out the creative soul in front of the cameraand provides a quick and easy way to share information, make a point, or even launch an entire marketing campaign. So if you want to truly want to leverage the potential of live streaming, you need to follow these tips:

1. Subscriptions/Pay Per View Options

If you want to make money from your personal videos, you can straight up charge people before they watch them. There are some platforms that allow video makers to have a paywall, the first one being DaCast. Of course, there are third-party options, like InPlayer, which can require a visitor to pay up in order to view your unique content.

This could work with either live streaming or on-demand videos that viewers could choose to view from.Subscriptions are also a good, maybe better option for some. Netflix and Amazon work this way, and so can any person who wants their videos to earn for them, provided the content is good enough. A subscription is basically a periodic charge that would allow viewers to watch as many videos as they can for a specific period of time.

2. Focus On Advertising

You can contact companies to place advertisements in your video descriptions, or for product placements within your videos themselves. Of course, you would have to make sure theta the quality of the video does not suffer as a result of this product promotion.

The ads could appear in set places right in your video itself, or appear as a link or images in your video descriptions. Or, if the product is relevant enough, you could even show yourself using it. For example, if you’re a makeup artist, makeup brands could very well contact you themselves and ask you to try out their products in order to promote them.

Advertisements could also interrupt the broadcast of our videos, but this is generally an irritating occurrence and can put some viewers off both the video and the advertisement. Ads should be tastefully placed. However, the upside of advertising is that it makes videos and other content free for the viewers.

3. Sponsorship

This method is similar to advertising. However, here the sponsoring company or party would actually fund your video before it gets made. The sponsor would thus be endorsed in the video itself and usually gets a shoutout at the end of every broadcast.

One usually needs a large audience before sponsorship or advertising are suitable options. However, since the content would be free as a result, it might be easier to get a larger audience than if the video viewing had to be paid for.

Wrapping Up…

Before one can start making money through live streaming, they do need to make sure their content is of high quality. The present numbers of the viewers also largely count when monetizing videos. The options above, as well as others, can only then help in earning video makers enough cash to keep them going.

So if you intend to make money using this new form of video marketing, you need to keep in mind all the aforementioned tips before you lift your camera and tripod stand. Wishing you all the luck!

Author Bio:RayanneDany is a Digital Marketing Guru, SEO Expert, and a Blogger. Apart from these roles, she also provides true assignment service to international students. You can connect with him on Google+.


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