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Friday, October 25, 2019

How To Make a Small Room Look Bigger With Stone Tile Flooring

As the Australian population grows, homeowners have no option but to build smaller rooms. That's particularly so in towns and cities where limited space is fast becoming the order of the day. But even with that, no one wants to stay in a room that feels cramped.

If your room is feeling too small, the first step is to remove the items you don't need. That's simple, right?

Unfortunately, you can't go that direction if everything in the room is essential. Therefore, you must look for alternative ways to make your room look bigger. One way is to choose a flooring option that will make the room look and feel spacious. Tiles are a perfect option to achieve this.

Below are some of the ways through which you can use tile flooring to make your room look more spacious.

Use Large Size Tiles

The good thing about tiles is that they come in a variety of sizes. Travertine, limestone, and marble floor tiles are available in different sizes. Choose a size that will give you the spacious feel you need. Professional designers agree that large tiles make your room appear larger. Further, experts say that when you use large tiles and grouts of the same colour as the tiles, you get a sense of bigger space.

Choosing The Right Colour Combination

Almost every designer will tell you that brighter colours make a room look more spacious. While many people have tried this with great success, research reveals that this only works because of the colour combination used in the entire room. Therefore, when choosing colours for your tile flooring, pick the colours that work best for you, experimenting to get the best results. You can buy travertine, marble, or limestone tiles Newcastle in a colour choice that works best for room users without limiting them to bright colours. The fact that they're available in many colours means you can always select a colour that blends in well with your general room design.

Combine Different Shapes

Achieving a visual effect that makes your room feel spacious takes some effort. One of the ways to do this is by using different shapes. You can go for square and rectangular combinations, but maintain the same texture and colour across the floor. Getting the right mix requires a high level of skill for everything to remain organised. Consult a flooring expert if you're not sure about what to do with different shapes.

Employ Consistency

For the best result, avoid using different flooring styles in different rooms. Using a uniform style creates a seamless blend, making your room appear more spacious.

Use The Diagonal Trick

Although it might not sound realistic, installing your tiles in a diagonal style will make your room look bigger. This rule works not only for tiles but also for other flooring options. Diagonally installing the tiles requires that you use a coloring option that projects the diagonal effect.

By following the above approaches, you'll be surprised by how much you can make your small room look bigger. You must, however, ensure that you only keep what you need. Also, as mentioned above, every other thing in the room, including wall hangings, shouldn't be things that make your room look cramped.

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