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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Social Media 2020: The Future is Bright

Have you heard the Timbuk3 song, The Future is so Bright, We Have to Wear Shades? That was in 1985. We say the same thing now in 2013 about the future of social media in 2020. Bright, bright, sunshiny day, like Johnny Nash said. Speculations are flying about whether there is enough space for so many of these entities and whether they will all hold their own let alone, also expand. Survival of the fittest theory will obviously have its impact upon any competitive atmosphere and so will it the social media.

Social Media 2020

The most visible of them, Facebook and Twitter have entrenched themselves to such an extent that it is unimaginable to look at a future without these two social media websites. Making their own impact are the fledgling Google +, some biggies like LinkedIn and some photo sharing sites like instagram. Recent death of Paul Walker had the last said a busy center of activity. People are fast realizing the utility of social media in communicating thoughts verbally and visually very convenient.


We daresay, however that the future is bright. In fact, people in general and the young people in particular will almost fore go meeting people offline and depend only on online contacts to make friendships, make foes and exchange their ideas accordingly. Countries like India and China may not be at par with the West technology-wise but the followers of social media in these countries are increasing manifold every year.

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Engagement for businesses

Social media communities are enjoying the interaction through the platform which is largely free of charge. Future developments may include paying for membership. This may put off some as soon as it is mentioned but in the bargain, you might be able to get rid of advertisements and protect your privacy in a more orderly and effective fashion.

This writer does not subscribe to the theory that Facebook has reached its pinnacle and so any move it makes will only be downwards. They cite Orkut’s and Friendster’s example. Orkut’s mistake has taught Facebook a lesson that it will not forget in a hurry. For argument’s sake, even if we were to concede Facebook’s demise, many smaller niche groups are likely to be formed and send memberships booming.

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The productive addiction; on the handheld too

If you have a membership in a social media website, your fingers will stop itching only when you are asleep. More and more people have, hence, taken the easy way out of the dilemma they would be in, if they were to be on the move. Smartphones and other mobile devices provide the answer! This means that they can check the status messages at anytime they wish to. Is this facility likely to decrease the membership?

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Targeted Media Spends for Brands on Social Media: A win

Many businesses have tasted success through advertisements they display in the social media pages at a negligible cost. Local businesses have indeed benefited hugely by advertising in local groups. The Word-of-mouth trend has transformed itself into status-to-status. The followers’ list grows in all directions and the ad reaches innumerable people.

The future is bright, isn’t it?

Authors Bio:
Gideon TakSen has been authoring numerous brilliant directories reviews for years now on his official website. By the day, he offers NY SEM Services and by the night he turns into a royal saxophone player. He says he loves everything that comes his way in between both these parts of his life.


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