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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to Use Social Media to Find an Online Marketing Company

Why would you use social media to find an online marketing company? Let’s face it there are other ways you could find good online marketers. However, if you want to run a marketing campaign that utilises the power of social media it seems to make perfectly good sense to use the very media through which you want to attract your customers to find the company that is going to create and manage the campaign for you.

Use Social Media to Find Online Marketing Company

Look at it like this: if you want to find a company that are experts in social media marketing the best place to look is on different social media platforms.If you can’t find that company using social media, it probably means they are not experts in social media marketing. If you have particular platforms that you wish to use, it’s probably a good idea to concentrate on those to find your company. It’s probably a useful exercise to put yourself in the shoes of the web marketing company and ask yourself: ‘How am I going to reach my customers?’ Use your answers to help find the experts you need. Let’s look in more detail at using two of the major social media platforms.

The odds are fairly high that you will want to use Facebook to find your online marketing experts.However, you may wish to begin with a fairly straightforward google search. A business with a Facebook page (and this is the type of business you are looking for) will have a link from its website to its Facebook page.

Remember, when your web experts decided to have a Facebook presence there are a number of factors they would have taken into account, which you can take advantage of to assist you in your search. Any company which has a Facebook marketing strategy is going to aim for two things: first to keep in touch with their existing customers, and second, to try to attract new customers. 

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As you probably do not have the specific name of a business in mind, you can take advantage of the fact that the experts you are looking for will be keeping in touch with their existing clients. Start off by going to friends in your network who you think might have, in the past, used the services of online marketing agencies. There’s a good chance they may have ‘liked’ the page of a business that is worth looking at.

It’s often the case that businesses that operate in the same industry will connect with each other. There is nothing stopping you subscribing or liking the pages of one business that will help lead you to another.

Your web marketing pros may well be advertising on Facebook. When putting their advertisements together they will have chosen their target market according to factors like age, gender, interests, location and so on. With this in mind, ensure your profile reflects accurately what your business does and your experts may well come to you. Your experts are targeting their ideal customer; make sure that you are the ideal customer you want to be.
The idea behind Twitter is a very simple one and it can help you track down the experts you need for your marketing campaign. Companies will tweet about themselves or their activities. Followers may retweet these or post their own tweets about those they follow. The more followers a company gets the more customers it is likely to get. 

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Using that simple idea you might just post your own tweet asking if anyone knows a good marketing firm they could recommend. The more followers you have the wider the audience this will reach, including potential marketing experts.
Essential Tips On How To Integrate Social Media Into Marketing Campaigns - See more at:
Essential Tips On How To Integrate Social Media Into Marketing Campaigns - See more at:
Essential Tips On How To Integrate Social Media Into Marketing Campaigns - See more at:
Essential Tips On How To Integrate Social Media Into Marketing Campaigns - See more at:
Essential Tips On How To Integrate Social Media Into Marketing Campaigns - See more at:

Bear in mind as well that a number of Twitter users will be doing something similar; that is they’ll be asking for or making recommendations about different businesses.  Therefore, try using the Advanced Search facility which allows you to narrow down a search to a specific locality. An example is afforded by the aromatherapist who was looking for a web designer in Scottsdale, Arizona. She did a search for web designers in Scottsdale and came across a follower recommending a web designer just ten miles from where her business was based.

Another useful search tool for finding businesses on Twitter is Twellow. Simply type in your search term and a location and you’ll be rewarded with a number of businesses, their Twitter handles and URLs.

It makes sense to use social media to find an online marketing company to design and manage your online marketing campaign.

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The article was written by John, who researched and written this article with the help of  Rank Local experts in local SEO marketing services.

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