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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Top 5 Forthcoming Social Media Trends

Social media marketing is the buzzword at every corner of the world. Despite having a decade of experience with social networks, marketers still find it a tough nut to crack. While other marketers are still transforming how they use social networks to increase their brand reach and drive ROI. It is believed that the majority of the brands now understand the impact of social medic on their business while many others are still dealing with challenges that come with its reality.

Top 5 Forthcoming Social Media Trends

As we move ahead it is important to look ahead to where social networking is directing and how it helps us to get on board. Today’s topic of discussion will revolve around the top upcoming trends of social media marketing to help your online marketing strategies grow further in the future.

Investing in social media- not for luxury but for necessity:

Investing time and resources into social media strategy is to some extent a necessity in 2013. However, the scenario from ‘should have’ to ‘must have’ will occur in 2014. Businesses are already making a move to integrate social media effort along with the marketing strategies to see its impact in terms of revenue, lead generation and referral traffic. As soon as business see its immense benefits, it is certain that an increasing number of companies will start hiring social media strategists or full-time social media managers.

Social media marketing has the adequate power to

Improve brand awareness
Enhance customer loyalty and trust
Improve word-of-mouth advertising
Company branding
Improve audience influence and reach.

Social enterprise is expected to emerge as a critical business function with more emphasis on the type outreach.

Google+ will rule in social media:

Earlier this year, it has been found that Google+ had nearly 540 million active users thereby making it number two worldwide after Facebook. Till date no one had doubt whether Google+ is really the second most popular social network. And this will continue in the next year as well. With the recent changes in its search algorithm under code called Google Hummingbird along with the evolution of the functionality of Google Hangout, Google continues to play a crucial role to push the envelope.

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It is gradually proving itself to be an important part of the SEO, social signal and providing more personalised search experiences especially with its Google Authorship. This is projected as one of the key components to Google search ranking algorithm by the end of 2014.

LinkedIn will become a crucial player for B2B business growth:

With its 238 million users LinkedIn is not just sitting on its heels. With its recent influencers program, this social site is not only positioned as another social network site but as one of the largest sources of curation for professionals and content creation. The users are expected to take more advantage of LinkedIn and this will prove more enormous for the B2B marketers.

The rise of micro-video:

Videos will continue to show their upward ascent in the social media marketing toolbox ladder. With the emergence of micro-video apps like Instagram’s video sharing feature and Twitter’s vine videos , video will show further movement towards real-time video sharing in the coming years. With Vine allowing 6 seconds per video and Instagram allowing 3 to 15 seconds, users are more likely to create and share videos from their Androids and tablets. Moreover, it would be quite interesting to see how content will change the playing field when it is a matter of video-based social media.
Social Signals: Maximizing Social Networks
Social Signals: Maximizing Social Networks

Snapchat marketing:

Although the term snapchat and marketing are not found together, this may change in the near future. Snapchat is the current trendy mobile application that sendsout messages (text, videos and photo) called snaps. This auto-destructs after a short period of time between 1 to 10 seconds depending on the set up of the snap. With its recent 50 million active users uploading more than 150 million photos per day this social marketing strategy are providing the brand marketers with the opportunity to ask their customers to share stories and start interacting with them. As we can see snapchat and marketing are the two words you will soon learn to combine in the year 2014.

Author Bio:
Hassem Clark is a social media freak, currently designated as a senior project leader in a digital marketing agency. He loves sharing marketing insights with people from cross-functional teams. While writing for technology blogs he often takes inspirations from Retox Digital online marketing agency.

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