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Saturday, November 16, 2013

7 Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs to Inculcate to Be a Successful Leader

Who can be a successful entrepreneur? A great leader, of course!

And how do you distinguish a great leader? For long, a great leader was defined as someone assertive and aggressive, someone driven by results, inclined to command and insistent on hierarchical organizational models.

7 Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs

But it’s high time the ‘alphas’ give over their positions as the top entrepreneurs to the ‘betas’. Now, who are the ‘betas’? Well, they are the ones who believe more on collaboration and communication to create a communitarian organization.

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What is the reason behind the popularity of the communitarian approach? The culture change brought on by the Internet is really the reason behind this change in perspective. With it, collaboration and communication have reached new heights.

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Let’s take a look at the habits that the future entrepreneurs need to inculcate.

Focus On Collaboration 

Gone are the days when inspiring fear and imposing authority got the job done. While it can work for a brief period, it won’t sustain for long. Command and control is a thing of the past. You need to focus on inspiring and influencing instead.

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 Today’s world is more about collaboration between every member in an organization. A horizontal setup where each member feels like a part of the whole has a better chance of success than a hierarchical setup where no one is feels connected.

Give Everyone The Opportunity To Make A Difference

Another key to success in the modern world of business is communication. A modern entrepreneur needs to encourage the employees to provide their inputs and contributions to every aspect of business.

Once you boost the employees to come up with their findings and communicate them to others, you will soon perceive that each one of them becomes capable of playing to their strengths. And when this is done, it becomes easier to stay at the top of the competition.

Learn To Manage Egos

As a leader, it is your responsibility to prevent ego clashes. How do you do it? The simplest way to carry out ego management is to reward collaborative behavior of the team.

But keep in mind, total democracy may not work in an organization, especially at times of crisis. At such times, you need to take up the reins instead. But be aware of your biases to make sure your plan works for the present as well as the future.

Build A Community

With a shared culture, everyone in the organization will have the same values, will work with the same passion and will move towards the same goals. This will make it easier to create a successful business.

To do this, you have to empower your employees with the knowledge and skills and encourage them to be the best in whatever they do. You need to be the influencer who motivates, not the authoritarian who dictates.

Be Prepared For Changes

A negative aspect of a hierarchical structure is that it isn’t easy to be flexible. With a horizontal organizational model, you can alter a position or redefine a role as per the frequent changes in market conditions or user requirements.

Again, you need to be confident to make a change. But don’t become insensitive to the consequences. If you have to make a decision that isn’t ideal for an employee, make sure you do it with a sensitive approach.

Give Everyone The Means And Methods To Succeed

A business can only succeed if each element is in its place and everyone gives it their best. And this will be possible only if you give your team members what they need to succeed.

Be it arranging for the best training or providing them with the best technology, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees get the tools for success. Pay attention to their needs. And soon you will perceive the results.

Focus On Diversity To Create A Unified Whole

Instead of training an army, try to assemble an orchestra. Make sure each of your team members shares the same values, philosophies and principles to create a harmonious whole from the diverse components.

Don’t waste your time looking for the ideal employees. Instead, recruit on the basis of experience and potential. And give the existing employees the tools they need to give the business their best. The better they perform, the more successful your business is.

Today’s leaders are markedly different from their predecessors; and that isn’t bad.

With the continued focus on communities, online and offline, the business environment has changed too. A new age successful entrepreneur is not someone who prompts fear in employees, but one who inspires them to better themselves.

And with the change in attitude, it is no wonder that small businesses under the leadership of the ‘betas’ have more chances of success. Leadership today is all about how well you collaborate, curate and communicate with your team members.

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