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Saturday, August 3, 2013

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Files or Data Loss on Your Computer

As a computer user it is very important to know how to keep your files and documents safe. Many computer users including the professional are faced with the problem of preventing files or data loss due to neglect or carelessness. Many people has lost important files and classified information because they failed to protect and backup their computer data the right way.

There are several ways in which we can protect and prevent files or data loss on our computer but I will be discussing 5 easy ways to protect, secure and prevent the loss of your personal computer data and unless these steps are taken your computer files cannot be protected.

     1.       The Use of System Backup

System backup is an important feature on windows operating system that allows you to select and backup your important files and documents. When a file is backed up, it can be easily retrieved or restored back but most computer users only remember to back up their files and documents when it’s lost already.

To back up your files or document is not difficult. If you are a windows xp user, all you have to do is to go to my computer and right click on your hard drive and select properties, select tools and click on back up now and follow the next step carefully. When the drive is successfully backed up, you can easily restore your files anytime something bad happens to them.

Backing up your files on windows 7 is also easy, just follow this simple detailed guide and if you are also using windows 8, all you have to do is go to control panel, search for windows 8 file recovery and there you can always set up a back up.

    2.       The Use of Cloud Storage

You can save or back up some of your important files online to ensure the safety of your files. There are so many sites online like Google drive, Hotfile and skydrive etc. that can allow you upload your files and also restore or download them any time you want them.

Some of these sites will require you to pay some amount of money to get unlimited disk space to upload your files but Google drive, skydrive and some other sites provides you with more than 10G free limited space to upload your files. You can also use your email and save some of your files to draft.

    3.       Update your Antivirus Regularly

Updating your antivirus regularly is very important because new viruses are created or discovered every single day and the only way to detect these new viruses is to update your antivirus software regularly.

Virus attack is one of the major causes of data loss and the only sure way to prevent this is to use good antivirus software, update and scan your computer regularly.

   4.       Use File Recovery Software 

File recovery software’s helps you recover lost files on your system and there are many recovery software’s available to choose from. These software’s are not accurate and you should not totally rely on them but they can be helpful sometimes.

   5.       The Use Of CDs, DVDs and External Hard Drives 

The use of CDs, DVDs and external hard drives is another sure way to protect your files and documents. You can copy your files to external hard disk or burn they into CDs or DVDs and keep them somewhere safe to protect them from viruses or anything that will make you lose them.

For more tips, suggestions and contribution on how to prevent data loss on your computer, use the comment box below.


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