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Monday, August 5, 2013

How to Make Money Online With Your Blackberry Phone

Blackberry phones are the most widely used Smartphone on this part of the world and has become one of the favorite Smartphone for young people in Nigeria. Research has shown that most people using blackberry in Nigeria don’t use it for business but to socialize and for fun.

For some people, their blackberry phone is just for pinging and chatting with friends while others use it for business and to make money online. I will be showing you how to make money with your blackberry phone with this article and am sure this will be useful to blackberry users.

STEP ONE: The Requirements

All you require to make money with your blackberry is for you to have good number of contacts on your BBM. You need up to 2000 contacts on your BBM and I know of some people that have up to 5000 contacts on their BBM. Make new friends and increase the number of your contacts to the highest possible number you can because the more the number of your contacts the better for you.

STEP TWO: Making Money With Your Messenger

You make money with your blackberry phone by displaying or broadcasting adverts for companies or friends to all your BBM contacts for a specified amount of money.

STEP THREE: How You Can Get Adverts to Broadcast on Your BBM

Getting adverts to broadcast to your BBM contacts is very easy and I will give you some tips to do that.
You can broadcast this to your contacts: “promote your events, products, and business to over 2500 BBM users in Lagos or Nigeria” and also tell your friends about it too. People will start paying you to advertise for them when you start telling them about it. A friend of mine bills his clients N500 per adverts and that’s OK for me.

Also, you need to change your display name to a name that can be easily search for on BBM. Don’t use names that are full of funny letters, smiley faces, signs and symbols because if you do, it will be difficult for people to search for you, but you can change your display name to your real name or your website name with no swag sign on it.

Another way to get adverts is by replying any broadcast you see that includes someone’s product or services.

NOTE: Never you lie to your clients about your contacts because some of them may decide to ask you to screengrab your contact list.

I hope you’ve learn a lot with this little piece of information and you can now try it out and start making money from it.

If you have more ideas on how to make money online with your blackberry phone or you have question to ask concerning this, use the comment box below and don't forget to FOLLOW US ON TWITTER to get new updates on twitter.

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  1. Nice one dude, @blackberry users u've just gotten a little but powerful secret please make use of it.


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