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Monday, August 17, 2015

5 simple ways to start making money online

Right from the day the internet was made available to the public, people started making use of this invention to earn money online. Today there are countless millionaires who became rich online because they turned their ideas into cash by using the power of the internet to promote their business. So many people are now living exclusively online because they have mastered the act of converting their skills and ideals to cash and this has reduced the rate of unemployment in the society.

Today I will be sharing with you 5 simple ways you too can start making money online just by doing that particular thing you know how to do best.

1. Blogging

Blogging is becoming a very popular means of making money online and many people are now earning a living today just from blogging alone. If you are new to blogging and you’re interested in blogging, all you need to do is to choose any blogging platform of your choice like Blogger or Wordpress etc. create a blog and start writing and posting articles. There are different ways you can monetize your blog but my favorite still remains the use of Google Adsense program. You can sign up with Google Adsense and place theirs ads on your blog to start making money from your blog.

Make your Hobby your Living- Earn Online
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2. Article writing

Most of us can write articles very well, even more than most writers already making money online but yet we are still broke because we fail to utilize our skills to earn cash. If you have a good understanding of the English language, there are so many sites online like freelancer, odesk and many more to choose from to start making money writing articles. All you need to do is to sign up with the site and their site members will start hiring you to write articles for them.

3. Designing T-Shirts

Designing T-Shirts is another simple way to make money online. If you’re good at T-Shirts design and can make good funky T-Shirts with beautiful designs on it, then go to sites like Cafepress and upload your designs. Cafepress is a site that allows users to upload their T-Shirt designs and sell it on their online store for cash. Also, sites like can still help you release your T-shirt designs.

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4. Write and sell e-books

Writing and selling e-books online is another good way to make money online. It’s very simple to start because you don’t need to own a website to sell your e-books online. All you have to do is to sign up with sites like Amazon, Noble or Kobo to sell your eBooks for cash.

5. Selling on eBay

eBay is an online store where you can sell almost anything like phone, laptops, bags, shoes, cars and many more. Just find or buy products at a cheaper rate and sell on eBay for profit. eBay is one of the biggest stores online with hungry buyers ready to buy any product of their choice of which you can sell to them and make go profits.


I believe you now have a better idea on how to start making money online with these 5 simple ways I just shared with you so don’t waste any time. Just put what you have learnt into practice and earn cash today. Also share this with your social media friends using the share buttons below.

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Top Reasons To Choose A Career In IT

Even if you've never considered yourself a person interested in computers, technology and programming, think again, because there is a plethora of reasons to get in touch with the field. Here are some of the top ones regarding a career in the IT sector (in no particular order).

Choose A Career In IT


Remember the old division into male and female jobs? Well, a good thing about the IT sector is that this old rule is now null and void. While on the one hand some of the best companies are run by men, some of the best programmers they hire are women, and vice versa. So if you like it, just go for it, and the results may surprise you.

The 5 Best Free IPhone Apps Of 2013
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We all need it

No matter what you decide to do in life, no matter the career you choose, the reality is we all need computers nowadays. Or mobile phones, while we are at it. So if there is something we are going to live with anyway, we should get to know it better.

A significant income

Once you start with IT it is difficult to stop, and your pay check is definitely something that will keep you going every month. And the more you work, the more income you will end up having, since programming jobs are notoriously time-consuming.

It can be learned

Any new skill can be learned, and IT is no exception. At times it may seem difficult, at other times it might be a piece of cake, however, what is certain is that it is always a challenge. In fact, in the recent years more and more schools and universities started offering study programmes in computer sciences and programming, as the market is blooming with job offers, so getting an ict degree is a way of ensuring one’s future.

Lack of experts with the needed knowledge and skills

The more something is popular, the more people want to do it, but not as many become true experts. Therefore, each and every new programmer has an opportunity to fill that gap by specialising in one or two, or even several, branches of the trade.

It offers numerous possibilities

Don't think of IT as one single profession, because that's not true. Web programmer, database administrator, web designer, applications engineer, web developer, system administrator, application support analyst, data quality manager, and software quality assurance analyst are just some of the dozens of the most wanted job titles in IT sector. And the list gets longer and longer every day.

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It can be pursued from home

Working in an office, some days it may be a real nag to get out of bed, let alone leave the house and head through traffic jams twice a day. Well, with a career in IT, this no longer holds true, because all you need to work is a computer, and you can finish your job from wherever you are. That means it is easy to base your office at home and not waste any more time on transport, provided that your company allows this kind of deals.

It is the future

By the time the students who enrol on their studies this year graduate, many of the jobs they specialised for will no longer exist, but it is encouraging that as many as double of that number will most likely appear. This offers many opportunities and the sooner we realise this, the better. We all see how much computers and mobile phones influence our daily lives, but we are barely aware of how much are they changing our future. Prospects for careers in IT rise on a daily basis, so why not grab one of the chances? You may turn out better than you thought!

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

How to Know If The E-mail You Sent Has Been Read

Sometimes when we send emails to our friends or clients and did not get any response from them we keep wondering if they ever got to read the message we sent to them or if the message was actually delivered to their inbox. I don’t know about you but personally I would be pleased to know the recipient actually got my message, read it and maybe for some reasons decided not to reply, that way I will know it’s not a fault from my end that caused it.

email provider services

There is an email tracking tool called SPYPIG but I don’t know if that tool is still available now. SpyPig is an email tracking system that sends you a notification by email when a recipient opens and read your message. This tool works with all the major email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, HotMail, Outlook, AOL and many more. I don’t think that tool is available for use anymore, am not sure but don’t worry I have a better alternative for you.

Top 5 Antivirus Softwares for Windows 8 Operating System - See more at:
Must Read 5 Antivirus Softwares for Windows 8 Operating System
Top 5 Antivirus Softwares for Windows 8 Operating System - See more at:
Top 5 Antivirus Softwares for Windows 8 Operating System - See more at:
Top 5 Antivirus Softwares for Windows 8 Operating System - See more at:
Top 5 Antivirus Softwares for Windows 8 Operating System - See more at:
Top 5 Antivirus Softwares for Windows 8 Operating System - See more at:
Top 5 Antivirus Softwares for Windows 8 Operating System - See more at:

Tools That Notifies You When Your Email Gets Read

Below are some alternatives to SpyPig that you can use to get notification when a recipient read your message. is a free tool for email tracking and marketing service that tracks your sent emails and tells you when your sent mail was open and read. This means that you will get confirmation from the tools when the recipient reads your email.

GetNotify is free to use but you can make donations to their service and you will be rewarded with additional features. They will only allow you when you are using their free account to send only 5 emails per day (150 emails per month)

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Lastly your recipient don’t get to know that you sent them a tracked email and you will also be allowed to use your existing email address and existing email service provider. – Free email tracking tool is a similar service to GetNotify that you can use to send invisibly tracked emails without alerting the recipient. This service tells you when exactly your message or email was opened, how long it remained opened and also the geographical location the email was viewed from by the recipient.

There are many more similar service to the above service but I am recommending this two to you because they are the ones I have used and enjoyed using their service. You should try any of them and start tracking your sent emails.

Over to you now, have you used any of the above service or do you have any better service you would like to recommend to us? You can use the comment box below and share with us.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The debate concerning employee monitoring

Some issues are the sort which can never reach a conclusion despite the amount of times they may be debated. One such issue is that of employee monitoring. People on both sides of the debate do have their own opinions and reasons and both sides are in all honesty seen as having valid concerns. Here are some of the viewpoints of those on both sides of the debate.

From the point of view of the employer, they see themselves as providing employees with a way to earn their living. When their business is concerned at the end of the day, their reputation and money are seen to be on the link which is why for every employer, employees who are honest and hardworking are valuable assets. Such kinds of employees however are difficult to come by and one mistake on the part of the employee can cause the entire business to come crumbling down. Employees could be sharing valuable and confidential information with other businesses or they could be spending their time chatting with their friends or browsing the internet when they should actually be working. Doing so can cause the employer and his company a lot of money and in such a situation, it is best to allow employers to monitor their employees to make sure that they are carrying out their duties and are behaving in an appropriate manner.

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From the point of view of the employee, having their computer or cell phone monitored by the employer is something which is seen as infringing on privacy. No one wishes for their personal information to be kept under scrutiny and for it to be observed which is why this is seen to be a valid concern. Employers should however only monitor work related activities of their employees and not monitor their personal ones. If an employee attempts at doing their personal work while at office, then it can be argued that it is their fault if the employer gets his hands on their personal information which they would rather not have had revealed to anyone. Anyhow, the pint of view of the employee too is something which is easy to be seen and understood.

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Having seen both sides of the argument and the perspective of both the parties involved, which of the two is right? It can be said that both sides are considered to be valid and the best answer to the question about who is right is to come to an answer which ensures that both parties are satisfied. Employee monitoring thus can be implemented but as long as it is kept within limits. Cell phones monitoring software’s can also be installed in employee’s cell phones by the employer but at the same time employees should be made aware of the fact that the cell phone is being monitored. By making them aware, they could be discouraged to make use of the device for personal work or even from misusing it thereby keeping peace between both the parties.

Author Bio:

Brooke fill in as Tech and Digital Parenting expert and writer has earned her an exhibited accumulating of readers who are needing for the most recent news and audit about Tech updates. Her most recent article are employees being watched got reliable visibility on social media.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How to Reduce Stress Levels at Work

There are times at work you really feel as if your head is going to explode. There is an excessive amount of pressure and you can feel the stress amount rising up. In times this way you have to give yourself an escape; otherwise, you'll certainly blow up and head out crazy. Fortunately, there are lots of things you are capable of doing or you are able to bring inside your work place to help get those stress amount down and areas of them.

How To Reduce Stress Levels At Work

1. Always have a stress ball along with you: This malleable little ball you can squeeze tightly inside the hand has been shown to be a good stress reliever. If you are angry so you feel like you want to punch your wall or even destroy a few things, you are able to instead station your adverse energy to this particular ball. Squeeze this with your might and close the eyes for a few minutes, after that slowly release your grip. Squeeze the stress ball regularly and match it having a slow, yoga. Do definitely not open the eyes yet. Concentrate with your squeeze and breathing. Do not stop before you feel much better.

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2. Try using a head massager: Everybody knows that massaging your head and scalp gives a calming and relaxing influence; unfortunately, most workplace do not need people which give totally free head massage when you need it. Luckily, there are scalp massagers accessible ready to provide stress-relieving tingling feeling. This massager performs its magic by kneading the sensation problems endings of your respective scalp which often stimulates your mind to release endorphins which can be chemicals known to be a pure pain and stress reliever. Just simply massage your head with this repeatedly and you will be amazed how therapeutic this kind of massager is usually.

3. Play video games: If you don't need to any stress-relieving items inside your working spot, then benefit from your computer and play a video game. Your brain cannot have two thoughts while doing so that is why when your brain is preoccupied or your ideas or target is turned to something else, your physique switched even to another mode. There isn't a better distraction in comparison with to engage in games plus it is easier and faster to access. You can choose to play your preinstalled games inside your PC such as chess, Chinese checker or even solitaire along with other games. Or you are able to opt to help play your best game which is installed inside your computer or you are able to play on-line for more a number of games.

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Does Your Office Really Need 24 Hour Security?
Does Your Office Really Need 24 Hour Security?
Does Your Office Really Need 24 Hour Security?
Does Your Office Really Need 24 Hour Security?

Reducing tension and strain level inside your workplace is quite easy only if you know how reduce them effectively. Don't run away from the stresses of life instead try tackle them. There are a variety of approaches to fight this. Life is too short being wrapped up in strain. You ought to get a comfortable mind along with a good life.

I am Williamson john, a freelance writer and academic enthusiast. I'm at present working for various college essays writing service, an online source for getting assistance on popular topics. I write about almost all topics and always aim to give something helpful for my readers. I also do thesis writing service for students and professionals which is very helpful for them.

Friday, April 3, 2015

6 Ways to Make Your Android Mobile Phone Faster and Responsive

Android mobile phones are the rave of the moment today because of its awesome features and the beautiful apps that can run on it. When properly used you will enjoy its many features and applications but if you don’t use it well it becomes slow and as a result frustrating to use.

Today, I’m going to show you how to use your android mobile phones properly to make it run faster and responsive. Below are 6 proven ways to speed up your android device.

1. Close Un-used Applications 

If you open an app on your android phone and you have finished using it don’t leave it open and running in the background, close it to increase phone memory and also increase phone speed. This also helps to save your battery.

2. Delete Irrelevant Apps on Your Phone 

Most people enjoy installing apps on their phones, they install as many apps they can find whether good or bad, both the applications they need and those they don’t and also installing more than one antivirus on their phones e.g. Avast mobile antivirus, AVG antivirus and Netqin installed on one phone which is wrong because they will make your phone slow. If you don’t need an app don’t install it to increase phone memory and speed.

Read Latest Android News Apps
Latest Android News Apps
Latest Android News Apps

3. Update Your Mobile Antivirus 

Virus can slow up your phone and also destroy your file that is why you need to update your antivirus to equip it to be able to detect and remove virus. You should scan your device always probably at night before you go to bed.

4. Save Your Applications to Memory Card (SDcard) 

Save your apps to memory card instead of phone memory so as to free up your phone memory, this will enable your phone carry out necessary task easily.

5. Delete All Read and Sent Messages 

Don’t leave read and sent messages that are not necessary on your phone because they will eat up your phone memory, delete them to increase phone memory.

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6. Restarting Your Mobile Every Morning 

When you restart your mobile phone, it releases occupied memory space and in turn prevents your mobile phone from hanging.


If you follow these 6 proven steps you will enjoy a faster android mobile device. For question, observation or contribution, use the comment box below and don’t forget to share this to you social media friends using the share buttons below.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Top Freelancing Websites to Get Jobs and Make Good Money

A freelancer is a skillful person who does jobs for multiple employers over a particular period of time. A freelancer is like a free agent; they sell their services to the highest bidder, can work part-time or full-time and they usually don’t sign contracts or any paper work before they can work and they make a lot of money doing freelancing jobs. This simply means that the only thing you need to become a freelancer is ‘YOUR SKILLS’; yes! if you’ve got the skills, you can become a freelancer.

Get Jobs and Make Good Money

How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:

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How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:
How to Make $25 to $50 Online With No Capital Required - See more at:

The question now is what skills do you have? Content writer, logo designer, programmer, marketer, software developer, mobile app developer or whatever, you can make money from any of the freelancing website below. All you need to do is to sign up with them, create a gig, get hired, complete your order and smile to the bank.

1. Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the biggest freelancing websites in the world. It is number one on my list because of its awesome features. Whether you want a programmer, an article writer, web designer or graphics designer, you can hire any one of them, all you need to do to get started is browse into thousands of skills; find someone suitable for your work, hire the person to get the work done, or you can also be one of them and be hired too. Just sign up with them, give them your bio data and skills, set your working price i.e. how much you will take to do that particular job and start earning money with them.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is the world largest marketplace where you will find services starting at $5. If you are new in freelancing then fiverr is the best place for you, just create gigs for all the skills you have and start making money from it. Fiverr is also a place you will find thousands of workers ready to work for $5 for each work. Whether you want to design a logo, animated videos, website promotion and advertising, it is a great place to find thousands of other gigs to get started at $5 for each work.

3. Odesk

Odesk is also a great freelancing site but it is not too good for newbie’s to get started with because you need some little experience to make money through it. But it’s a very good site to make money from if you are into freelancing already. You will also find million of workers there that are ready to do any work for you, whatever you want is available from website design; want to improve on your SEO, develop a software or mobile app, you will get any work done just by hiring workers on the site. There is no fixed price unlike fiverr where all jobs are done for $5; everyone has its own price at odesk.

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How to Create a Blog and Make Money From Your Blog
How to Create a Blog and Make Money From Your Blog
How to Create a Blog and Make Money From Your Blog

4. Elance

Are you a mobile developer, programmer, designer, marketer or writer, I recommend this website to you because you will find thousands of people working on these categories on the site. If you are skilled and can handle any job from the above categories then Elance is best for you to start earning money online. Just register with them, post your job and make cool cash.

5. Trionds

This website is slightly different from all the above mentioned sites. The site is dedicated to writers who are good in writing articles. If you are one of them then this is good news for you. Just register an account with them, write good articles, publish it and get paid for it.


I have given you 5 top freelancing websites to get jobs and make good money from and I expect you to choose any of them and start making money for yourself and If you have any question(s) you can use the comment box below. Also use the social media share buttons below and share this article to your social media friends.

Friday, December 19, 2014

8 Powerful Keyword Tools You Need

Keyword research is an important factor in search engine optimization. Using the right keywords in your blog post will go a long way to increase your ranking on Google search results and that will tremendously increase traffic to your blog. There are so many tools available online that can help you research good keywords for better ranking and today we will discuss 8 powerful keyword tools that will help you discover relevant keywords for your blog post.

8 Powerful Keyword Tools

1. SerpStat

This SEO keyword finder is a powerful tool that will save your time and will also help you filter your search results leaving you with better keywords to choose from which are relevant keywords in a Google-like style.

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2. SEMRush

SEMRush is a popular tool that is also considered an industry standard tool. This tool will give you great insights as regard traffic analysis, keyword planning and ranking to ensure that users get the best results ever.

This is a free alternative tool to the popular Google keyword planner which uses Google’s autocomplete ability to give you hundreds of results for each search made.

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How can bad SEO affect your business
How can bad SEO affect your business?
How can bad SEO affect your business?
How can bad SEO affect your business?
How can bad SEO affect your business?

4. Keyword Discovery Tool
Some people consider this as one of the most popular tools available in the market at the moment because it uses an algorithm that is based on different statistics from major search engine giants like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.

5. Google Adwords Keyword Planner
This Google keyword tool is designed for Google adwords users and is also a popular tool available in the market today because it uses direct data from Google itself.

6. Bing Keyword Research Tool
You have to create an account with them to enjoy their best services. Bing keyword research tool has a wide variety of features for its users to utilize which includes the ability to give out keyword suggestions and ideas and it’s based on the most popular searches.

7. Wordstream’s Keyword Tool
This keyword tool can provide you access to more than one billion unique keywords based on your query and it’s a fast and accurate tool.

8. YouTube Keyword Tool
Some people may not consider this tool too good but the truth is that it’s a great tool that can help anyone that is interested in finding out what’s trending on YouTube and also other areas of the web.

With this 8 powerful keyword tools that are mentioned above, finding relevant keywords for your blog should be easier and accurate now because good keywords will boast traffic tremendously for your blog.

Don’t forget to use the share button below to share this post to your social media friends.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

How to Easily Increase Your VLC Player Volume to 200% Or 300%

It's been a long time i stopped posting articles and this was as a result of the fact that in Nigeria as a graduate you must serve your country (NYSC), so I took some time off to serve my fatherland and also to settle one or two issues but am back now. Today I will be showing you how to easily increase your vLC player volume to 200% or 300%.

One good thing about the VLC players before version 2.1.1 was that the volume can be raised very high to 200% which makes it easier for you to watch and enjoy your movies in a noisy environment without using headset but video LAN organization for reasons best known to them decided to remove this feature right from the version 2.1.1 and dropped its maximum volume to 125%.

A lot of people have decided to stick with the older VLC player versions as a result of the low volume in the recent version but i have found a way to increase the maximum volume of the recent version of the VLC player to 200% or 300%.

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Disclaimer: Please take note that I will not be responsible if your speaker(s) is damaged or affected as a result of the high volume because I have heard of such cases in recent times where VLC has damaged laptop speakers that are not too strong.

1.  Open your VLC player and click on TOOLS and select PREFERENCES

2. Select ALL under show settings

3. Expand MAIN INTERFACES on the left hand panel and select QT

4. Scroll down to the buttom at your right hand side and change the maximum volume

You can change the volume to your desired figure but the maximum you can change it to is 300.

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Feel free to use the comment box below for any question or contributions and don't forget to share it  with your social media friends using the share button below.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Reducing Your Employees' Stress Levels

Stress can have negative consequences on both your physical and your mental health. It can weaken the immune system that protects us from flues and more serious diseases. Stress is known to cause insomnia and other sleep related disorders, as well paranoia and nervousness. Also, it is responsible for several skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, and asthma.

We spend almost half of our lives at work, in some cases even more. Studies show that work conditions affect the employees' opinion on the employer. So, as an employer, it is your duty to do the best you can to provide a healthy work environment for your employees. When they are satisfied with their work conditions they will be more productive and more optimistic about coming to work and doing their best.

Reducing Your Employees Stress Levels

Introducing Small Changes

By introducing small changes in your office and your work desk, and introducing healthy habits you can do a lot to lower stress and improve the work environment.

In the Office

Avoid setting very high temperatures. Since many people don’t even know what the optimal temperature should be, studies show it should be around 71 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure there is enough natural light in the office, unless there are no windows. Natural light help employees feel relaxed and more focused. If natural light isn’t an option, full-spectrum lights can help, and they will be definitely better than ordinary lights, especially in the morning when no one likes to see them.

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Don’t be afraid to invest some time in redesigning the office to make it look more pleasant. The least you can do is paint the walls in a calming color such as aqua or lavender or use interesting wall cladding to make office more Feng Shui friendly. Try adding an aquarium with some exotic fish. It will be a pleasant sight for your employees. Plants are also a great idea. Not only do they look nice and calming, they also make your office more eco-friendly.

On the Desk

As far as the desk goes, it is up to the employees to decide what it will look like. But, you can offer some suggestions that will help with stress and increase productivity. For example, you could recommend better chairs that have adjustable height and support the lower back. The knees should be parallel to the ground.

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Recommend placing the monitor of the computer at a reasonable distance so it doesn’t strain the eyes. The optimal distance is about 19 to 27 inches away. If your employees don’t already have a photo of their beloved, bringing them to work might prove to be helpful. It can even be a picture of a dog or pet.

Dogs Reduce Stress Levels

Dogs are man's best friend, and according to many studies, the best business partner as well. Consider allowing your employees to bring their dogs to work. It will surely make your employees more relaxed, happy, and productive. The dogs will thank you as well, because they don’t like to be left alone in the house.

This is especially important if you notice a lack of team work. Having dogs at work will bring your employees together and result in improving the company's team work more than you could imagine.

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