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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Six Security Lessons for Small Businesses in 2017

Small businesses are a constant target of cybercriminals and anyone working on internet security can confirm this claim. Small business owners are usually let by the thought that there is nothing worth stealing from them, but hackers are able to take any piece of information and profit from it while seriously compromising your business’ online security. Thankfully, you don’t have to learn to protect yourself the hard way and precautionary measures are the best solution.

Knowing how to keep the security of your small business in check will make all the difference, especially because too many business owners still don’t pay enough attention to this aspect. We will talk about six ways you should learn to fend off any cyber problems in 2017.

Six Security Lessons for Small Businesses in 2017

Six Security Lessons for Small Businesses in 2017

Prevention Is the Key

First rule of internet security is that you shouldn’t wait for anything bad to happen to take action, but you should secure yourself beforehand. For this, you need to be informed first on what needs to be done, and for this cause it would be wise to consult IT experts. You should have a skilled IT employee who is able to take care of every cyber situation and that goes for anything from problems with connectivity to serious security threats. The level of protection you’ll need depends heavily on what sort of business you’re running and how connected it is to internet.

If you’re daily dealing with many online payments and regular confidential information manipulation, then you will need a security system that can match the security requirements. The first thing to do is get a strong antivirus program and you will have to pay for it, seeing that you’re aiming to protect all the devices in your office in one swoop. This expense won’t be too terrible, but it is necessary even though you don’t feel like spending any money on online security. Security software should include antivirus, anti-phishing tools, firewall, anti-spam and any other additional component that you may need.

Educate Your Employees on Time

The biggest reason for hackers getting what they want is the element of human error. If you don’t know what you’re up against, how can you know how to stop it?

It is paramount to keep both yourself and your employees educated on the subject of internet security, otherwise you can’t really hold them accountable for putting your business in danger. Security and privacy policy should be a part of the contract that every one of your employees signs and you should formulate those rules clearly and concisely. What’s more, you should have someone from your IT staff do short educational seminars on how to keep at bay the most frequent forms of malware, viruses and other forms of scamming. The most important thing is to trust your employees, because sometimes security problems can come from within the company, and you really don’t want to deal with intruders that can sell sensitive information to the highest hacker bidder. Choose your staff wisely.

Privacy and Tracking 

6 Security Lessons for Small Businesses in 2017

It’s important to note that online security and privacy aren’t the same, though they are closely intertwined. Small businesses are not just a good target for security issues, but are also constantly in danger of being under surveillance. Though tracking on the internet has become pretty much omnipresent, you still want to do all in your power to stay under the radar. Sometimes spyware will get into your business’ system and track all the activities of your staff and yourself only to send the information back to ad companies so that they can target you with ads, but sometimes hackers go for the big kill and manage to pull off identity theft or steal your bank account details, or the details of your customers, which is far worse. Using a VPN aka virtual private network to maintain your privacy is a good solution. Protecting small business privacy is much easier when you’ve got a tool that encrypts your entire internet connection, enables you to bypass geo-blocking and allows your employees to safely work remotely.

BYOD Policy

Each one of your employees, including yourself will bring their mobile devices to work with them and if they all connect to your business’ official Wi-Fi, security hell could break loose very easily. All you need is one unprotected device to let some malware or virus run rampant and the consequences could be severe. The best course of action is to set a separate internet network that will be used by all the guest devices in the office, so that the business network can remain safe and isolated. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy should clearly specify the terms and conditions about employees using their devices at work, so that they’re aware of what is expected from them.

Data Breach Insurance

Security Lessons for Small Businesses in 2017

This is a failsafe well worth thinking about, though not too many business owners are ready to get insurance for data breach that might never happen. Fortunately, there are companies that offer quite affordable policies and you get some peace of mind by obtaining them. Just think about the fact that these policies will cover the expenses for the recovery of any security you’ve insured yourself against and if you end up in court, they will cover those fees too. Small businesses can suffer terrible financial losses from security issues, and having data breach insurance certainly softens the blow.

Do Regular Check Ups

With all the security tools you have to protect your business, it is very still important to do regular checkups of your system security. That is why we mentioned that it is vital to have an IT expert among your employees who can deal with these checks and keep you informed of any changes that might happen. Sometimes hackers are extremely resourceful and are able to hide malware very well so that even security software can’t find it, but human deduction and reasoning can. Do these checkups on top of everything else we talked about in this article and you will significantly diminish any chance of having to deal with security breaches in your small business.

Though Adam really loves his job of web developer, he’s also quite passionate about his writing, which is always gladly accepted at As every Texan, he loves spending time outside playing sports with his friends. He may have graduated from college a couple of years ago, but he’s already working on his dream job and couldn’t be happier about it, as well as his new life in Dallas.

Monday, December 12, 2016

How To Make Money Online With Bitcoin – Five2btc Review

Please Note: The information on this page is applicable to everyone irrespective of your country or where you live. But because I am a Nigerian, I would be making reference to my country once in a while. Please bear with me. lol

Now, Let’s Talk About The Money Making Aspect Of BITCOIN, This Is The Part Where I Need Your Undivided Attention. Please Drop Whatever It Is You Are Doing Right Now And Pay Close Attention. You’ll BE Glad You Did!


This question brings us to the next topic;


What is FIVE2BTC?

FIVE2BTC is a user community where people help each other with donations.  There is no global account of the administration where all donations go.  All donations go directly from member to member without intermediaries, in fact, FIVE2BTC only regulates the process – nothing more.  So the system belongs fully to users.”

One of the best ways to become rich with BITCOIN is through participating in online programs like…



3X2 core matrix

All these platforms run a very similar model that is dependent on Peer-2-peer(p2p) donation platform.

For Accurate Description:

Think of a platform like MMM but has the structure of a Network Marketing…

That is what these 3 platforms do…

Here is the major difference,

Five2BTC has 5 levels

Zarfund has 6 levels

3×2 Core has just 2 levels

I am on Five2BTC so I am going to explain to you step by step how this works…Our major focus is on Five2BTC

Five2btc is a direct member-to-member donation platform that uses ONLY bitcoins for transactions. Which means, no central account, no request for withdrawal, no admin. Your money (bitcoin) is paid straight into your Blockchain wallet; which is similar to your traditional bank account. Deposits, withdrawals, and transfers are done instantly!

Five2btc’s front man is David Vincente Martin from Spain.

Five2btc was officially launched in September 2016, and as at the time of writing this report, the number of Five2btc members worldwide is over 17,000 and increasing by the day.


Five2btc gives you the opportunity to accumulate up to 64 bitcoins monthly. In Five2btc you start with 0.01 bitcoins (N4,000) and grow this figure to 64 bitcoins (N25,000,000) monthly.

 Now, How Do You Do This?

Five2btc is a 2×5 forced matrix.
You sign up for free and you are placed on level 0. The system gives you 24 hours to upgrade to level 1. To upgrade to level 1, you will donate 0.01btc to your sponsor. Your sponsor is the person that referred you. You are given your referral link and are ready to start making money.

Hang on!
You only invite 2 people and no more. Even if you bring more than 2 people the system will not place them directly under you, but under the first 2 people you brought in (this is called the spill over effect). Be careful to bring in 2 people who are as zealous as you (or more zealous).


The first 2 people you bring will form your level 1 downline. Each of them will pay you 0.01btc (0.01btc = N4,000 ×2 = N8,000). 100% ROI. You will get your investment back with 100 percent profit immediately the two people you bring in pay you.

The 2 people directly under you will proceed to bring 2 people each. These 4 people will form your level 2 downline.

These 4 people will each donate 0.015 btc ×4 = 0.06btc (N6,000 ×4 = N24,000) to you when they upgrade to level 2 (as long as you’ve upgraded to Level 2).

The 4 people who have recently joined will bring 2 people each. These 8 people will form your level 3 downline.

Now these 8 people will each donate 0.04btc ×8 = 0.32btc (N16,000 ×8 = N128,000) to you when they upgrade to level 3 (as long as you’ve upgraded to Level 3).

It will interest you to know that these payments are done monthly. Which means on level 3, you are already on a monthly income of N128,000. For a business you started with just N4,000?

Now, That’s something!

Moving on…

The 8 people who have recently joined will bring 2 people each.
These 16 people will form your level 4 downline.

Now these 16 people will each donate 0.2btc ×16 = 3.2btc (80,000 ×16 = N1,280,000) to you when they upgrade to level 4 (as long as you’ve upgraded to Level 4).

The 16 people who have recently joined will bring 2 people each. These 32 people will form your level 5 downline.

Now these 32 people will each donate 2btc ×32 = 64btc (N800,000 ×32 = N25,600,000) to you when they upgrade to level 5 (as long as you’ve upgraded to Level 5).

#Breathes out*

I personally do not know anyone who is making as much as 25 million naira monthly.
That’s huge mehn!

Now, instead of doubting and criticising and over analyzing (which is the default mode of a typical Nigerian), why not press to know more and be guided properly?

The world has gone past the age where you have to use a hoe and a cutlass or work 8-5 to be able to make a living.
This is the Internet age where anything is possible! Give it a try today, even if for curiosity sake.

This might look like a get-rich-quick scheme, but I can assure you it’s not. You will get rich, but it will not be overnight.

You can proceed to register here now or read on to know more

Are You Very Clear On  This? If You Are Not, Please Call Me On +2348064280090


It is almost impossible to succeed in Five2btc as an individual, which is why we formed a team. Team Alpha is the first and biggest Five2btc team in Africa. It comprises people of different disciplines; budding entrepreneurs who are eager to make it. Who have stopped depending on the government and have taken full responsibility for their lives. Who know that it is better to try and fail, than to not try and regret. Who know that if they lose, they lose N4,000, but if they win, they win N25,000,000 (monthly).

Join Five2BTC today and have peace of mind!
You can click the link below to join now (You can sign up using your mobile device/computer)

Follow the step by step guide below on how to sign up for a Bitcoin wallet, how to fund your account and how to pay your downline etc.


The next thing you need to do after completing your registration on Five2BTC is to open a wallet. When you open a wallet, you will receive a code which would serve as your account details. You will use this code to receive payment into your wallet. A wallet is what you will use to store your bitcoins through which you can make payment and receive payment. Now there are couple of wallets that runs and stores bitcoin..

Think of a wallet as a bank account

So just as you have GTBank, Access Bank, Ecobank and all. You also have bitcoin wallet providers like



Just as every currency has its own central bank, the bitcoin has a similar structure and it is called

BlockChain manages all transactions that occur in the Bitcoin world…and they are also the ones that determines
  1. The worth of Bitcoin in the online community
  2. The amount of Bitcoin in circulation
  3. Mining rights to participants
However, Blockchain also runs a wallet, thus give the best Wallet Experience and most investment platforms prefer you to have an account with them. So to open a Blockchain account, follow the pictorial step by step guide below


  1. Proceed to, the image below would come up

Enter your email and password . Use a strong password like Capital letter, followed by small letter, followed by signs like #=@ and use numbers as well(i.e  Aderonke=1990)

After you have done this successfully, check your email and you will receive a message from Blockchain that looks like the one below

The wallet identifier is your login user ID, do not share it with anybody. You should also keep your password safe. Do not forget it.

Go back to to login again

When you log in successfully, an image that looks like the one below would come up

Since you just opened the account, your balance would be zero as indicated in the image above. The next thing you need to do now is to fund your account.  If you want to fund your Bitcoin account, you can contact me on 08064280090. You need to fund your account with at least 0.01 Bitcoin which is equivalent to 4,000 naira. (Just budget 5000 naira just in case the price of dollar fluctuate)

If you want to receive any payment from another Bitcoin user, click on Receive as indicated below

When you click on receive above, the image below would come up

Copy the digits in the item marked in RED above and send it to whoever wants to sell the bitcoin to you. If you want to receive money from anyone too, simply copy the code above and give the person.

Now that you have funded your bitcoin account, it is time to start the real business.

Log on to five2btc by clicking on the referral link below (If you want your success to be guaranteed in this business, then you need to be on my team. To be on my team, ensure you sign up using the registration link below. Your success is my success so be sure I am going to give you all the tools and assistance you need to make cool and lots of money on this platform. 

Register by clicking on this link below

When you click on the link above, the image below would come up

Fill the form correctly and do not forget your username and password

Confirm you are not a robot by clicking on the blank box above. Submit the form then login and you would be taken to a page that looks like the one below..

Click on Add your bitcoin wallet to receive donations

When you do that, the image below would come up

The wallet website is

Wallet address is the address I asked you to copy earlier on. See below

Copy it from above and paste it in the box

Answer your security question and submit. You are now set to receive donations from other members. Which takes us to the next level which is upgrading your account from level zero to level one. To do this, click on upgrade to next stage as indicated in the image below

When you click on Upgrade to next stage, the image below would come up

Do not close this browser as you will still need it later. If you are not clear about anything, feel free to call or email your sponsor as displayed above. I shaded that part in the images I posted above for privacy reasons. You will see it displayed clearly in your dashboard.

Now that you have funded your account, it’s time to pay your sponsor 0.01 BTC in order to move to the next level

As you can see above, I have funded my bitcoin wallet account. It is now time to make the payment of 0.01 BTC to your referrer/sponsor

Go back to your blockchain account and click on send as indicated below

When you click on send, the image below would come up

Enter the bitcoin wallet address as indicated above, enter the amount, which is 0.01 BTC, and click on Next Step. When you click on Next Step, the image below would come up

Review the transaction again and be sure there are no mistakes. Once you are sure of this, click on Send as shown above. After this stage, Click on the tiny arrow as shown below

When you click on that tiny arrow, the image below would come up

You need to upload a proof of payment so that the admin of Fivebtc can confirm your payment and upgrade you to the next level as you’ve requested. So to upload a proof of your payment, Copy the transaction ID as shown below

Go back to the browser that I told you not to close, the page where you copied your referrer’s bitcoin address from, See below

Enter the transaction ID and the amount that you sent to your referrer as indicated above and click on Submit

VIOLA! You have successfully uploaded your payment proof. All that is left, is for you to wait for the Five2btc admin to confirm your payment and upgrade your membership. Once this is done, you will receive an email that looks like mine below

The next thing is to copy your referral link and start referring others so they can also donate to you. As you begin the journey, you will understand better and see how amazing this is.

To get your referral link, simply click on Referrals by the left hand side on your dashboard as shown below…

By the top on that page, you will locate your referral link

PLEASE NOTE: Once you register on the platform, you only have 24hours to upgrade your membership level from level zero to level 1, failure to do so, your account would be deactivated. So if you do not have the 4,000 naira (0.01 BTC) to pay your up line/sponsor/referrer yet, please do not sign up on the site.

When you receive payments from any of the people you referred, you will get an email from Five2btc that looks like mine below


  1. You can refer members from all over the world to participate
  2. You can run the business on any device, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops
  3. The registration fee is very small, a lot of people can afford it
  4. Upgrade must be done within 24hrs of registering, so anyone you refer must also pay you their upgrade fee within 24hours, meaning you can even get your money back within 24hrs of joining it.
  5. Payment is monthly, so the money you make is recurring and it would continue to increase monthly as more members are added to the system
  6. Bitcoin is the mode of payment which you can either save for future investment or even convert it to Naira (You know how much a dollar is right now. Imagine having just one Bitcoin which is over $700 at the moment)

I highly advise you to give this a try, believe me this would be the best decision you would ever make.

I made my money back in less than 24hours of joining. My upline already had her two members completed so the spill over effect naturally assigned someone under me and the person paid me. So I got my money back even before I started promoting my own referral link. I couldn’t even believe it. A lot of people would be glad if you introduce this type of program to them. Join now and start building your team..

We have created a Whatsapp group for our members. Click on this link below to join the group
When you join our whatsapp group you will meet other members and you will learn alot

But remember, anytime you decide to join Five2BTC, ensure you come back to this page and copy the referral link you see here so you can be on my team, which is the Team Alpha.

Join Our Whatsapp Group Now


You can simply ignore this post or say yes to Financial Freedom. The choice is yours. But Don’t Forget One Thing, Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly (POOR) Makes One Poor. A word is enough for the wise!
If you’re wondering what the platform looks like, you can take a look:

NOTE: The worst risk in life is not to take risk so take action now


Ensure You Sign Up Using Only The Link On This Page !

For more enquiries, please call +2348064280090
Feel free to share your views and ask questions using the comment box below…Thanks for reading!

Monday, December 5, 2016

How To Open, Fund and Cash Out From A BITCOIN Account in Nigeria.

STEP BY STEP Guide On How To Open, Fund and Cash Out From A BITCOIN Account in Nigeria.

Bitcoin can be referred to as an online currency for transaction. You open an account with one of the bitcoin wallet providers. These are equivalents of our physical GTBANK, FIRSTBANK, DIAMOND BANK etc. To perform smooth transactions online without credit card or domiciliary account, Bitcoin is the way to go. Everyone running businesses or doing transactions online must have one.

To open a BITCOIN account of your own, you can go to Now, kindly follow my step by step guide to opening a bitcoin account right from your bedroom in Nigeria.

Step1. Visit You will land on a page like the one bellow.

Following my RED arrow above, kindly click on “create a free bitcoin wallet”


You will land on this page below…

Kindly follow my arrows as indicated above to fill your EMAIL, PASSWORD (must contain letter and alphabet), Tick the terms of service button and click on CONTINUE.

      STEP 3

You will land on the page above. Just click on continue.

                                                                        STEP 4

 Login to your email you used when registering and a mail would have been sent to you just like the one above from BLOCKCHAIN. Click on it to open it.

                                                                         STEP 5


Following my RED arrow in the above image, copy your WALLET IDENTIFIER and keep it safe somewhere. It is what you will use whenever your want to log into your blockchain account. VERY VERY important.

Following my YELLOW arrow, click on the VERIFY EMAIL to verify your email and you will automatically be redirected to…

                                                                      STEP 6

It will show that your EMAIL has been verified.


Now go back to
Follow the arrow in my image below. Click on LOGIN

                                                                         STEP 8

As you can see above, input your wallet identifier (The one i said earlier that you should keep safe). Also, enter your PASSWORD (the one i said earlier that it should be a mixture of alphabets and numbers). Input them and click on LOGIN

                                                                      STEP 9

This is what i personally do. I keep my login details in a notepad and safe on my laptop. You can also do
this and keep it somewhere so whenever you want to login, you can always open the notepad to copy your login details.

                                                                       STEP 10

When you are inside your blockchain account, as show above, click on RECEIVE. We want to get our BITCOIN wallet address. (This is so important. It is like your BANK account NUMBER)

After clicking RECEIVE above, you will then see your BITCOIN wallet ID as it shows in the image below. Copy it and keep safe. It’s is like your BANK account number. And that is what is referred to as your BITCOIN account or bitcoin id.

                                                                        STEP 12

When inside your blockchain account, you will see the section like the one illustrated above. You can click on it to fortify your account by enabling additional security features like adding your phone number, back up security phrase etc. This is to enable you protect your account from hackers from having access to it.
Just take your time around here to fortify your account.

                                        HOW TO FUND YOUR BITCOIN WALLET

To fund your Bitcoin wallet is very simple. All you need to do is get someone who has money in his bitcoin account to send money to your own bitcoin account while you pay him for the money. Let’s be practical here.

I have $10,000 in my Bitcoin account. You do not have any in your account yet. You contacted me that you need bitcoin. I am willing to sell. We agree that i will sell $1 for N550. You want $1000. You will pay me 550 x 1000 = N550000 and i will login to my blockchain account and click on SEND
Just like in the image below…

I will fill in your BITCOIN wallet ID. The dollar amount you want, Description (transfer/sales) and i will click on next and confirm on the next page.

You give me money, i give you bitcoin. That’s how to get BITCOIN.

The reverse is the case when you want to convert your BITCOIN to Naira. You sell the bitcoin in your wallet. It is very easy to get people to buy it from you especially ecurrency exchangers like NAIRA4DOLLAR and co. They buy like N500 per dollar from you.

There are trusted merchants like,, that sells bitcoin.

You can also contact me to sell or buy from me by sending me message on whatsapp using my whatsapp number 08064280090 for fast funding instead of going through the stress of buying from exchangers and you will also get it at a cheaper rate from me too.

Another easy way is just search on a phrase like…

buy/sell BITCOIN in …. (Put your city).

Eg, buy/sell bitcoin in Lagos (if my city is Lagos).

Once you do that, you will see a handful of websites and results that will come up. Check on them and look for the one that is closer to you. I advise you to walk into their office, cash at hand and do the transaction. There are many scammers who disguise as bitcoin seller and offer your ridiculous price to lure you and scam you. is tested and trusted and you can pay them without going to their office but ensure you confirm from them they have on ground before paying. I am not their affiliate o,just saying this because my friends that have used them told me they are trusted.

Now, go get your BITCOIN account funded as i roll out more opportunities you can use BITCOIN to partake in.

Friday, December 2, 2016

5 Worst Facebook Marketing Crimes That You May Not be Aware Of

Most businesses use facebook as an all around tool to improve their online presence. Unfortunately, there are still some that are not able to hit their mark. Ever wondered what went wrong? After all the trouble, effort and money what could possibly not work? Yes, this may be very hard to consider but this could definitely be with their Facebook marketing strategies.

It is understandable to assume such thing, especially if it is with Facebook, as it is the most popular platform worldwide. If that fact is not amazing enough for you, let me tell you that Facebook gives 75% sale and brand awareness increase for businesses that are able to utilize its business pages and features well.

Here are some unobvious crimes you may be doing that is causing your business' downfall. It is not too late for a total reform. Better late than never!

1. Post regularly not often.

Many do not realize the difference between the two. The goal is to stay active but posting too often does not fulfill this task. Based on audience feedback, 92% claims that seeing posts from the same company over and over again becomes annoying after time. This later on causes your target market to unfollow and ignore your marketing content.

MUST READ => What is the Difference Between Twitter and Facebook?

Plot a map of schedule that will help you determine the best time to post your content. Categorize them by dividing your posts based on topic and type. We’ve listed below some labels to help you on dividing your content.
  • Fun posts
  • Informational posts
  • Curated posts
  • Blog Posts

2. Avoid leaving senseless comments on people’s posts. 

Building engagement is one of the key strategies successful marketers work on every time they run a Facebook marketing campaign. Building engagement invites organic audience and usually provides positive results. It is considered the most proactive and natural type of strategy and yet, the most difficult.

Knowing how to communicate well with your target market is crucial and hard. Current trend, emotional connection and “online etiquette” must be considered before pitching in as communication as we all know is irreversible. It can grow or break your brand and business in no time. This being said, it is advisable to avoid leaving senseless and unnecessary comments and messages on people’s posts. Not only you carry your company’s name but you are also responsible for whatever they will feel and think. Leave them something good to remember

3. Do not ignore negativity.

Staying silent in the midst of a controversy is a sign of professionalism. However, staying silent for a very long time can kill your business in silence too! Ignoring negativity is in a totally different level when comes to risks and many aspects of business.

ALSO READ => How to Promote Your Business on Youtube

It is best to answer questions properly, politely and shut down accusations before it even reach more people. Be sensitive of your audience and clients’ feedback. By simply checking your inbox, you can already minimize the possibilities of getting demands, refunds, bad criticism, false accusations and many more.

4. Never post Click-Baits. 

Click-baits are posts that are using intense headlines with unrelated content. This is stooping low. There are a lot of interesting and informational content out there you can find online, all you just need to do is search.

Doing this will just piss your audiences to the extent that they may unfollow you. Worse than that you can be called out for your poor sense of professionalism. Keep in mind that as a marketer, your main purpose is to meet your target market’s needs and to show them that you are the answer. When the headline sets the right expectation, it will be easier for them to see and give value to your efforts. When it doesn’t, they just bounce off.

Facebook marketing is a very fruitful work and adding value to what we produce makes it all more extraordinary. Just keep it simple yet smart. Do not copy others pattern as well as you have your own creativity. We hope that this helped you bring out the best!

Author Bio:|
Catherine is president & executive director of 20four7va, a global eCommerce virtual assistance service provider. She is into strategic planning, product development, brand management, and digital marketing.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

EXPOSED: London Lad Makes $6,000/Month From Home And You Won't Believe How He Does It!

Have You Ever Considered Working From Home?

Matthew Hicks from London never thought that he would work online, until curiosity got the best of him and he filled out a simple online form. Before he knew it, he discovered his secret to beating the recession, and being able to provide for his family while at home with his three children.
I read Matthew's blog last month and decided to feature his story in our weekly consumer report. In our phone interview he told me his amazing story. "I actually make about $5,000- $6,000 a month working from home. It's enough to comfortably replace my old jobs' income, especially considering I only work about 15-18 hours a week from home.

Working online has been a financial windfall for Matthew, who struggled for months to find a decent job but kept hitting dead ends. "I lost my job shortly after the recession hit, I needed reliable income, I was not interested in the "get rich quick" scams you see all over the internet. Those are all pyramid scams or stuff which you have to sell to your friends and family. I just needed a legitimate way to earn a living for me and my family. The best part of working online is that I am always home with the kids. Thanks to the Online Wealth Markets System I am giving my kids the childhood they deserve."
I asked him about how he started his life-changing journey. "It was pretty easy, I filled out a short form and applied for a work-at-home kit. The form is simple to fill out and it is free to apply. I got the kit and within four weeks I was making over $3,000 a month. It's really simple, I am not a computer whiz, but I can use the internet. I don't even have to sell anything and nobody has to buy anything. Companies are constantly recruiting people for this, you should try it."
The companies you work with are worth billions of dollars and are heavily regulated so you know you are not going to get scammed. You help these companies follow and predict the trends of big online companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and Apple and you get paid for your predictions.
It's a great opportunity and this has been helping people work at home for over 5 years. Why not get in with the internet's best and biggest companies?
There are plenty of scams on the internet claiming you can make £30,000 a month, but that is exactly what they are - scams. From my conversation with Matthew, "I am making a good salary from home, which is amazing, under a year ago I was jobless in a horrible economy. I thank God every day that I filled out that form."
Quickly, Matthew Hicks was able to use the simple Online Wealth Markets System to make it out of the recession.
"I actually make $5,000-$6,000 from home every month"
- Matthew Hicks
Matthew had never shared his story before, this is the first time he's going public.

Here's how to get started:


Go to Online Wealth Markets, and fill out the form to get instant activation.


Follow the instructions at Work From Home Income Solution and set up your account. Then they will show you what to do. Everything gets tracked.


Deposit your earnings by cheque or direct bank transfer. (Making money has never been so easy. Get ready for your life to change.)
WARNING - Registration Deadline Wednesday 20th July, 2016
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Online Wealth Markets - OFFICIAL WEBSITE
We rarely do these special reports because the reality is that there are a lot of scams out there, but this was just too good to keep away from the public. Try it out and send us your thoughts!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Applying for Personal Loan: Basic Things You Need to Know

With so many banks offering tempting credit deals, more and more people employ it to get instant funds. No matter if you need it for nursery remodeling, holiday in the tropics or you want to consolidate your debts, personal loan can make it all possible. We’re here to guide you through the basic information concerned with the personal loan and help you find your fit.

 Benefits overview

You may be wondering what’s the difference between a personal loan and a credit card and why people tend to gravitate to the first option. The main advantage of a personal loan is fairly low interest rates. Also, the time frame you have to repay the loan is nicely paced. This enables you to pay back the money without burdening your monthly budget.

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Personal loans smorgasbord
There are several types of loan deals on the table, so it’s advised you get acquainted with their pros and cons in order to pick the one that suits your needs or plans. Before you start your research, check out our brief analysis of the common loan types.

Secured loan is ideal for people who want to purchase a house, a new car or any large asset. In this case, the asset is used as a security. Unfortunately, this means that the bank can seize the asset and sell it to cover the debt if you default on your payments.

Unsecured loans are a means to obtain the cash for an exotic trip, a home renovation venture or debt consolidation. The interest rates are higher than those of secure loans, but they are justified with a fact that there’s no security included. First-time users of this loan have to find a person who will be their guarantor.

Personal loan can have variable interest rates. If the interest rates go down, you will pay less, and vice versa. This can be a lucrative but unpredictable endeavour which makes budget drafting more difficult. On the other hand, personal loan can have fixed interest rates throughout the repaying process.

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Overdraft personal loans act as emergency funds with quick access. However, there’s a limit on the amount you can apply for and the interest rates are frequently higher than with other types of personal loans. Similarly, line of credit allows you to withdraw the money in times of need, and only pay the interest for the used funds.

Main steps 
  • Decide on the amount you wish to borrow
  • Calculate the repayment costs and whether you can afford it
  • Pick a repayment pace that suits you (monthly, weekly, two-weekly)
  • Figure out how long will it take you to pay it back completely
  • Select a loan type and rates according to your specific needs
  • Browse the internet for hot offers (low fees, low interest rates)
  • Get informed on documentation you need to initiate the procedure and compile it beforehand
  • Apply online or in person

Getting the best deal

If you have already identified a perfect type of loan for you and the amount you need, start comparing the deals. Take time to shop around for best loan packages and rates. Make sure you get properly informed about the lender’s terms. Thanks to technology advancement, we can now rely on the online tools to do it for us. All it takes is to provide information about your preferences and the system will filter the vast market for you.

Another way to improve your chances for best possible loan is to have your negative listings removed and starting anew with Clean Credit. You can get free consultations and be charged only after a successful outcome. By repairing your credit history, you will boost your eligibility for any type of loan you want.

You can secure a long-desired luxury trip or extra cash by opting for a good personal loan deal. Check out our basic guide for the first-time personal loan applicants.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Infinix Hot S Review, Specs, Features and Price

A quick review of Infinix Hot S. The Infinix Hot S is a Dual SIM smartphone with Android OS, v6.0 (Marshmallow). It comes in two variants -2GB RAM and 3GB RAM device with 16GB internal memory expandable to 128GB. Also it runs on Octa-core 1.3 GHz . The Infinix Hot S is powered by a 3000mAh capacity battery. It has 5.2-inch screen displays with HD 13MP camera for taking sharp pictures in dim conditions and 8MP Front-facing camera. The camera also has some cool features like HDR, autofocus, Smile shot, flash, touch focus, face detection, Panorama, Face Beauty, etc.


2G Network : GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G Network : HSDPA 850 / 900 / 2100
4G Network : YES
SIM : Dual SIM (Micro SIM)
Status : Available

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Dimensions : 148.8 x 73.2 x 8.1 mm
Keyboard : Touchscreen
Colors : Palm gold, Crystal gray, Champagne Gold, Glossy silver
Cover : Plastic

Screen Size : 5.2 inch
Screen Resolution : 1080 x 1920 pixels (368ppi)
Screen Type: IPS FHD touchscreen
Colour Depth : 16M

Memory And OS
Card slot : MicroSD, up to 128 GB
Internal : 16GB
OS : Android 6.0 Marshmallow
CPU : MT6753 Octa-core 1.3GHz, 64bit
GPU : ARM Mali-T720 MP3 450MHz

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Alert types : Vibration, MP3 ringtones
Loudspeaker : YES
Audio port : 3.5mm jack

WIFI : Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, WIFI hotspot,
Bluetooth : Version 4.2
NFC : No
USB : MicroUSB v2.0

Primary : 13MP, HDR, autofocus, face and smile detection camera with 2 highlight LED
Video : YES
Secondary : 8MP with Flash

Capacity : 3000mAh Li-Ion battery
Stand-by : N/A
Talk time : 2G 27h / 3G 15h
Music play : DUAL-SIM 192h, ONE SIM CARD – 337h(2G) 337h(3G) 245h(4G)

Other Features
Sensors : Proximity, Gravity, Light sensor, Hall sensor, Compass
Messaging : SMS, MMS, Email, IM,
Browser : HTML5
Java : NO
– MP4/MPEG4/3GP/3GPP player
– MP3/MID/WAV/AMR/AAC player
– Document viewer
– FM radio
– Image viewer
– Voice memo/dial/command
– Predictive text input
– Google Search, Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk, WhatsApp,
Opera Mini

What’s in the Infinix Hot S Smartphone pack?
– The Smartphone
– Charger/Power Adapter
– Earphone
– USB Cable
– User Manual

Infinix Hot S Price

The Price of Infinix Hot S depends your location and merchant.

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Don't forget to use the share buttons below to share this post to your social media friends. Also feel free to contribute to this post using the comment box below. - See more at:
Don't forget to use the share buttons below to share this post to your social media friends. Also feel free to contribute to this post using the comment box below. - See more at:
Don't forget to use the share buttons below to share this post to your social media friends. Also feel free to contribute to this post using the comment box below. - See more at:

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