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Thursday, March 20, 2014

"How Communication Technology Made Path To The Evolution Of Knowledge?"

Introduction: The advent of advanced communication technology in the 20th century has indeed revolutionized life in the modern world. It has indeed opened new vistas in many areas where its functions and requirements are needed including science and technology, nuclear areas, defense, telephony and mobile operations, deep sea and air space domains, and many others, who are just being modulated to the tune of advanced and Digital Age communication technology. Another major and critical area wherein advanced communication technology has made great strides is education and learning domains. Most educational centres throughout the civilized and developing world possess at least basic computer interfacing and use of computer communications, even broad band and/or dial up connections. In today’s fast changing, evolving and dynamic world, communication technology has indeed made rapid strides to change and reform the contours of knowledge improvements, dissemination and deployment in the field of learning and studies.

Communication Technology

Usage of computers and internet based learning: 

Learning has indeed taken up new dimensions with greater utilization and dispensations of net based education. In most educational settings, the increased participation in terms of intra net and internet has made broad headways into the domains of education. Computer knowledge is essential even in smaller classes and as the class or grades increase, greater demand for theoretical and functional knowledge of all matters related to computer, internet, even video conferencing and streaming and use of emails, short message services and webcam use are expected, which increases the evolution of knowledge, both in its qualitative and quantitative terms.

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Use of mobile communication has been the redeeming factor in today’s education: 

Mobile technology and culture has pervaded all cultures of the world, and there are very few people who do not have, or use a mobile phone. In many educational institutions, students attend classes with just their Smartphones, iPads or PDAs and use them to record lectures, both video and audio presentations. This could next be uploaded into their computer backed home for study and tutorial purposes. Mobile technology, an offshoot of communication technology has made education simpler, effortless and student- friendly. Thus, communication technology is indeed providing a whole new learning experience outside that of the Classroom Models and this is more interactive, interfacing, in real time and consumes less time, efforts and financial involvements. Technology is indeed at the beck and call of students, educators and administrators in academic settings and also along the paradigms of knowledge evolution.

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Online learning/teaching and virtual classrooms are rapidly replacing the conventional classroom model:

Through online learning, it is possible to replicate the anytime, anywhere and any kind learning experiences, even far from classroom systems. Lessons are uploaded on mobiles, PDAs or laptops and studied as and when required. The aspect of physical presence of either educators, or learners, is no longer mandatory and they are free to move about, except during times of exams. Much of the aura, expectations, study stress and exam strains are indeed avoided through use of modern, state-of-the –art methods and these are put to good use. Educators also interact with students with use of modern communication technology, including mobile, over laptops or iPads, with Video Conferencing or short message services. The possibilities are indeed unending and there are still potential for better and modernized educational support for the cause of perpetration and enforcement of education.


Indeed the advancement made by communication technology, especially in the domains of higher learning is indeed commendable but more still needs to be done in order to enforce and perpetrate a greater say of communication technology on modern education and learning.

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