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Friday, April 11, 2014

How to Make an Online Store – Step by Step Guide

Building an online eCommerce website has never been easier in the history of the Internet. It used to take lots of money and expertise to build an online eCommerce website, and now it can be done by anybody. There is a little old lady in Britain that has a website selling the boxes that small wade figurines used to come in (and she makes money doing it). Here is how you do it in easy steps. It also assumes you are taking care of the legal side of things such as taxes and business bank accounts.

How to Make an Online Store

Decide what you are going to sell

What is your website going to be all about and what are you going to sell? Are you selling a service or actual products? Can you post them out quickly? Where will you store your products? If it is a small home business then you will not need pubic liability insurance because nobody will be coming to your house to buy.

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You also do not need to inform the authorities that you are using your house for business unless you start employing people or making a lot of mess or noise. You can give out your home address as your office address and even have people address mail to you with your business name.

Source your goods and be sure you can sell it as cheap as the rest

Online it is all about prices. There is a little bit of selling through quality and such, but for the most part your consumers will look for the cheapest products and buy. You can build a business based on good quality products at a higher price, but to start with you are better off finding a way of selling your products at the cheapest price.

You cannot afford to buy in bulk, which means you will not get the lowest prices. But, you are working from home and so do not need to charge as much to cover your overheads.

Come up with a domain name that suits your business

Look up the best tips for picking a domain name. Things such as how it should be easy to spell, easy to remember, not to similar to your competition. Take your time picking a business name and your domain name because you will be stuck with it for a long time.

Purchase the domain name and your hosting package

There are plenty of legitimate companies out there that sell you domain names and hosting packages. However, if you are really stuck then you may like to find the content management system you prefer first and see what hosting companies other businesses have bought from once you do.

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Find a content management system you are comfortable with

Look at how they are used via demonstrations on YouTube, and look at screenshots of how the content management system is used to see if it looks easy for you to understand and use.

Plan your website design on paper first

Try to build your website on your computer first and it will look ugly. Do it on paper first and let your artistic side come out. You then copy that design when you use the content management system.

Build your website online until it is perfect

You do not have to publish it right away if you do not want. You should take your time building your eCommerce website. You should keep coming back to it too. It is tempting to get it online as soon as possible, but you need to make it perfect first. If you are itching to get it online then you can, and you can work on it as you go, but do not start publicizing its existence yet because you do not want traffic on it yet.

Install your checkout and start adding products
You may find a content management system that makes installing your checkout easy. They may also have a plugin you can use to build your checkout into the page. Now start adding in pages for your products and start adding in images and descriptions.

Launch your website with as much publicity as possible

Make sure as many people as possible know that your website has just opened. They will probably take a quick glance and never look again, but the launch is the best excuse to have people visit and have a look. You will not get this chance for a bit of curiosity web traffic again so you should make the most of it.

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