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Friday, February 21, 2014

Business Marketing Intelligence – Techniques to Improve Customer Experience

Running and maintaining a good business means going beyond basic financial transactions in a relationship between the company and customers. As a business owner, it is essential to pinpoint your customers in the center of business by prioritizing their experience. There is no room for excuses, providing great customer experience is not a myth, and by using a variety of techniques that take just a few minutes of your time, you can form a long list of satisfied clients.

Marketing Techniques to Improve Customer Experience

Get to know you target audience

In order to provide your customers with a pleasant experience, there is some extensive research to do. Profiling customers by paying attention to details and personal preferences is a pathway to success, and by combining research results with proper marketing, you can tailor to their individual needs.

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Do not be afraid to reach out to your customers, they will greatly appreciate it, especially if you do it offline. In the era of digital media and virtual marketing, everyone can make contact via e-mails. However, if a business goes out of their way to send printed media or even organize events, customers will see this as a great way of reaching out.

Instruct personnel to be more user-friendly 

In a variety of situations, staff can transfer their disposition into the working atmosphere, and with negative and unkind approach, the more likely you are to end up with customer dissatisfaction. Re-train your employees to be at their best behavior at all times, making sure the customer feels important. Never let a client be angry after they conducted business with your company.

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Reach out to your customers as if they were friends and family; do not consider them only as consumers ready to spend their money. Try to form a bond that will ensure that customers have a pleasurable experience, make their time well spent.

Restructure your online and offline business in a manner that reflects personal surroundings. Customers will feel protected and comfortable which means they will be more likely to return and share a good word about your business. Remember that simple pleasantries and a smile can make the difference.

Personalize delivery and packaging

A smart way to bring customer satisfaction to the next level is to personalize the delivery of your service by making it interesting and different. If you offer physical products with packaging, invest in visual presenting; come up with an innovative wrapping design with your logo included. The extra effort put in will be greatly appreciated.

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Feedback is vital 

Without feedback none of the businesses would know when and how to improve. That is why it is an imperative that you get feedback as often as possible. In addition, diverse information will give you great insight in which areas you need to improve.

Responding to customer enquires is also part of feedback and support, your business needs to make sure to take care of the clients. Answer quickly and promptly and provide full support. If needed, staff should be able to go out of their way to secure that every customer is well taken care of and satisfied in the end.

Free service and samples 

Be one step ahead of your competitors and send out free products that will show your customers that you pay attention to detail and care about them. However, dare to be different, creative and innovative products will ensure the greatest results.

Design products that are engaging and thoughtful for each type of customer profile, do not group all of them together, not everyone will appreciate the same things. You can award your most loyal customers with regular gifts for birthdays and events.

Leana Thorne is a devoted blogger hoping to become an influential online presence. She always tries to offer the best advice on business strategies. From rebranding, marketing and customer care to promotional material such as printed pens and custom mugs, she always includes the most important aspect of all – being personal and loving your line of work.

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