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Friday, January 17, 2014

HR Analysis For Small Business

Good analytical practices are in the core of every successful business. Using today's technologies, however, we no longer have to think about analysis in the same way we did in the past. We no longer need people to perform the analytical processes. Specialized HR analytics software is the future of HR analysis. Even though the software cannot give you concrete directions as to how to run your business properly, it can use the data you provide in order to identify trends and help you decide which practices are useful and which aren't. You can also figure out the most relevant factors that either stimulate or trump productivity and introduce changes in order to boost your production rates. You can easily achieve all of this with the help of analytics software. No longer do you have to count on gut feelings. Now you can actually make important decisions based on raw data and draw proper conclusions.

HR problems for small businesses

Up until now the HR options for a small business were rather limited. You either had to cough up the big
money to an HR officer, which is not really viable on a smaller scale, but it has happened in some organizations with very disappointing results. An investment of this sort is just not worth it. Another alternative is giving a small pay raise to an employee and giving them some responsibilities in the HR area. This is also not a very good practice because the motivation is lacking – for the minute pay raise, the employee is charged with too much responsibility. Furthermore, their influence isn't clearly defined – can they make practices or just suggest them? Are they the ones doing interviews or are they just supposed to sort out the CV's? These questions and more arise and the problem becomes clear.

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Last option is the owner of the business taking care of this responsibility, himself, but as we've seen it time and time again, this usually ends up badly because they don't really know what they're doing. This is the reason behind the employment flow in some businesses – because the owner can't really find the right people. With no HR practices specified, there is nothing to be done about this and so all you've got left is counting on your luck and hoping that this time you hire the right employee.

HR software solutions for small businesses

HR software changes all that. It enables you to create coherent HR practices and gives you the proper tools to finally put your affairs in order. There are many different HR software applications you can use and since big companies usually have HR departments, most software manufacturers aim at small businesses. You can find the perfect software that fits well within your budget and needs. This is a really viable solution to calibrate your HR practices.

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What most business owners don't understand is that their employees are people. If you were employing robots, you wouldn't need anything more than programming – you tell the robots what to do and when and the robots will comply; simple as that. Sadly, many business owners are trying to apply the same principle with people. But it doesn't work that way – just because you're paying someone doesn't mean that their individuality disappears. HR software will help you cater a better work-flow that falls well within the parameters of good HR practices. Analyzing your employees and their potential, their productivity as compared to their experience, as well as different tendencies can help you manage your work-flow much better. Business requires adaptation. The question is: are you up for the challenge?

Author Bio: Rose owns n3 builders clean. In her spare time she loves to write and get in touch with her readers.


  1. There are many different software application.These applications a lot reduce administrative workload, develop the HR role and make processes that are more efficient.

  2. The most important challenge faced by the HR department is to smoothly streamline the seemingly unending processes of this department. Yes, irrespective of the size of the organization HR software can always help. In fact, i would argue that small enterprise can benefit from HR software more than a large enterprise because you don't have the manpower or the resources to manage your early stage employees effectively.

    So automating and standardizing HR processes and practices will help you scale much faster and benefit you in the longer run. Hence choosing a software with good features including a user-friendly UI design along with it being pocket friendly can become a challenge of choice. SutiHR ( ) is SaaS based HR software that fulfills those demands.


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