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Friday, January 31, 2014

Facebook and Social Media Marketing: What Tips to Follow?

We live in a world where everything transfers to the Internet. So, it is only understandable that you will keep up with the ongoing trend of having your company’s Facebook page and, further – having people who will ‘like’ it. If you are wondering how to attract people to hit that ‘like’ button, wonder no more – here are some useful tips to help you get as much internet audience as possible.

how to promote your business

1. Seduce them 

No, we’re not talking dinner with candle lights and a violin. We are talking about your clientele being seduced with the service and quality of your products. If you are looking to gain Facebook popularity, you first need to have real life popularity of your customers. So, be the kind of company that not only offers great service and products, but is always polite and patient with their clientele!

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Since you have gained your clientele’s trust, it is time to introduce your Facebook page to them. Include the link of your page on business cards (and all other printed material) and make sure your staff always mentions that you’ve got a new page up, encouraging them to ‘like’ and recommend it.

As for the organization of your page, always have adds about new products, discounts, promotions placed front and centre on the page.

2. Keep your cool 

When you have a web page up, it is always recommendable to interact with your customers so you can understand what they expect to get from your business establishment. Still, the amount of interaction needs to be wisely planned out. There are three things you need to be careful about:

a) Communicate

The questions you ask your clientele need to be easy to answer and relatable to buyers. Ask them what they would like to see in your stores and/or on your page. Ask them to give feedback on your latest products and staff’s engagement in helping them out.

b) Be responsive

Two-way communication with your fans is crucial. Stay on top your customers’ comments/questions/suggestions/needs. Respond to their comments and messages within 24 hours. If someone posts something goofy, or jokes about something, like it. This will take you no longer than a second, and your customer will know you care. Be aware of everything happening on the page. Check page activity several times a day, not just in the morning and in the evening. If you are overwhelmed with work, hire somebody to deal with Social Media Marketing. If your budget allows it, naturally. There is another option: scheduling your Facebook posts in advance. Facebook itself doesn’t still have this generator, but iContact does. Check iContact for further inspection.

c) Do not spam

Newsfeed is already loaded with variety of contents which makes it easier for a Facebook user to overlook certain posts. Clever advertising and answering everybody’s questions and e-mails is one thing. Spamming every five minutes is quite another. You don’t want your clientele to hit ‘hide’ instead of ‘like’ button, do you?

3. Be Marketing-Smart

Several things that will gain popularity to your Facebook page are:

a) Check-Ins

Encourage people coming to your stores to check in whenever they are there. This way, their Facebook friends that haven’t yet become fans of your page will notice the check in and wander to your page to see what’s up.

b) Organize contests

Think of a contest that may be suitable for your brand and launch it. Everybody is a fan of getting free stuff, so make your clients happy! Also, provide some discount coupons on, say, weekends.

c) Publish Photos and Videos

Publish interesting visual and audio contents on your page. Obviously, they need to be relevant to the brand you run and it’s advisable to make them relatable to your employees. Why not capture your stuff on a brake, having fun or even during working hours, interacting with customers? It sure will make your fans smile when they spot themselves in the photos!

These are just some of the things to have in mind. However you chose to run your business, always have quality products and make sure you put your customer first – that is a sure path to a great reputation!

Katrina writes about small business, creative marketing, digital marketing and social media marketing. She is always searching for new ideas online. This article was inspired by tips on how to promote your business with facebook.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! Great photos always brings in attention and sharing


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