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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ways To Build An Awesome Micro Niche Site That Earns Money Online

Do you want to earn more money with fewer efforts in a short time? Building a micro niche site and ranking it on the top of the search engine will make your dreams possible. Nowadays making money online has become very simple! It’s very easier and people earn lots of money now and then by targeting keywords on their niche sites.

The only thing you need to do is to create a blog on your favorite niche and post articles related to it. Promote your site by doing formal link building for specified topic or the set of keywords you want to rank. Following are few steps on how to build awesome niche blogs that make huge money online!!

Micro Niche Blog, That Earns Money Online

Micro Niche Website:

These are the websites that are built around a specified category or topic (niche). It can be any category such as gadgets, blogging, SEO, web designing, how to guide, social media and many more topics that are trendy on today’s technological world. For instance: If you run an SEO company then, post blogs related to your keywords that drives awesome traffic to your website too!

How to build such sites to earn money?

Keyword Research and its competition analysis:

It is very crucial in these days to find the right keyword! Keywords are the phrases or words that visitors used to type in the search engine to find what they need. Targeting on the most competitive keywords will not help in making huge money.

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So beware of choosing keywords and make sure your keywords will have 2-3 words long (semantic or long tail keywords) that relates to your niche and research on it. Things to check while researching are the monthly search volume, low competition, cost per click and some other similar facts. Making your domain name related to your targeted keywords will work better!

Setting up the niche site:

After the long analysis of finding the apt keywords that matches your criteria, it is essential to setting up site to post content on it. There are various sites that provide free website and themes especially for niche sites, of which you can choose a good one that suits you.

But choosing and installing a good theme will find better way to success!

Building content:

Creating content is the most essential part as it is the one that glitters on your site. At the beginning it is important to post more content in order to gain traffic. Post at least 10 – 15 articles and provide more categories inside your niche site. Select themes according to that category and provide a perfect design as your requirement.

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Search Engine Optimization:

At the current scenario, SEO is become a must for any kind of business that requires online recognition. Without that, you can’t any site on the search engine results page. So, it is vital to structure your keyword as SEO friendly throughout your website.

Make your content optimized through effective keywords that are targeting your goal. But you should aware of not violating the SEO rules and guidelines! Consider on On-page SEO factors, Meta data optimization for better ranking!

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When it comes to Off-page, linking on to quality websites is very predominant. Creating unique quality content will also help you in obtaining good incoming links. Other ethical link building techniques may be followed to promote your site to reach the first page on the search engine.

Finally Monetize it:

After all things are done, put AdSense or PPC campaign to make money online at your right place through your niche! You can also join affiliate marketing campaigns in order to promote your product that matches your site’s niche. This will lead to a better ranking of your site that generates income.

I hope this post will help your way on building your very own niche site through successful blogging!

Hi! My name is Jessica Pretty, Professional Blogger and Guest Post Writer. I love to explore Web, SEO services and new Technologies,


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