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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Given Up On Trying To Count Sleep? Try Your Blackberry Apps For A Great Night's Sleep Instead

Not only can sleep deprivation be downright annoying, it is also considerable harmful to your health and potentially very dangerous. Chronic lack of sleep has been blamed for ruining careers, causing fatal road traffic accidents and turning individuals into physical wrecks. So, if you are worried about having to deal with one or more of these dreadful scenarios, please speak to a GP about your issues. In the meantime, you may want to ask your faithful Blackberry Smartphone for a little help. Don’t laugh, there are some excellent sleep-aid applications that could possibly get you off to sleep with no trouble at all. If this sounds rather appealing, please read this article for some unbiased reviews.

Sleep Cycles App Alarm by Oriol Segundo Gratacos - $3

Smartphone alarm clocks may be nothing new, they make a loud noise at the time we are supposed to wake up, so we wake up and then we turn them off and go back to sleep, end of story. But there is a new breed of alarm clocks out there that claim to wake us up with a little more consideration. This particular app uses a soundtrack that actually helps you to get off to sleep, using a choice of relaxing sounds. Once you dial in the desired wake-up tie, the app will select a bespoke alarm noise that uses a ‘soft wake up’ method to gently shift you form your dream cycle stage. Once this stage has passed, you will start to stir and the next stage chimes in to ensure you get the message. This application can also be set to a motion activation setting, this tells the app when you are naturally stirring, and the wake up cycle begins. It all sounds a little hit and miss to be honest, but apparently it works and does the job very well. You will not be subject to a sudden rude awakening and the rest of your day will be bereft of those light headed dozy moments that we hate so much.
Brainwave Tuner by EMOBISTUDIO - $5

Our second Blackberry Smartphone has already won the 2012 Handango Championship Award for best health and fitness App. Whilst it is true to say that Brainwave Tuner is not strictly a sleep aid App, but it certainly lends its features to helping the user relax completely. This App contains 20 sets of sound patterns that come in 3 separate categories:
  • Sleep and Therapy – Including headache therapy, sleep induction and edge of consciousness
  • Meditation and Relaxation – Including meditation, relaxation and self-hypnosis
  • Focus and Learning – Including attention increase, the awakening mind and intelligence increase.

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As the sub-titles suggest, this app has a pre-set sound track for all of the important mental states, and then some. Thousands of users have already paid testament to this terrific application and we suggest that you also give it a try if you need some more chill time in your hectic life!

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Ready For Some Sleep?
Well, we are! So grab that bad boy Blackberry and download these beauties right now – Sweet Dreams!

The author of this post is Natasha Joseph, an employee at, leading suppliers of CPAP breathing machines. Natasha loves reading romantic novels and watching soap operas.


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