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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Manage Your Business Blog with the Simple Steps

As a small business owner, you have to handle a myriad assortment of tasks.

Along with preparing the business plan, accumulating funds, manufacturing or acquiring the products, providing the services, managing the finances and other core tasks, you also have to pay attention to marketing your business and building your brand.

Blogging works as a favorable way to create the voice of your business. The only problem is that you are too hard pressed for time to include it on your daily schedule. How do you overcome this time trouble?

Here are a few simple steps that can help you manage blogging with ease.

Understand your objective

Creating engaging content for your blog establishes your authority over your niche. It helps readers understand your expertise in the niche you do business in and builds credibility.

Apart from occupying the readers’ attention, the content of your blog also offers another advantage. Once your blog becomes an archive of excellent content, search engine optimization becomes much easier. You cannot let go of such benefits.

Inbound Marketing: 5 Basic Tips to Improve WordPress for SEO - See more at:
Inbound Marketing: 5 Basic Tips to Improve WordPress for SEO - See more at:

Maintain an idea file

You never know when you get an idea for your next blog post. Once you have a brainwave, it is important that you make a note of it immediately. Otherwise, it would be lost in the crowd of thoughts.

Whether you maintain an online repository or a simple notebook to jot down the ideas that come to your mind or that you come across, make sure you have a specific place to do this. You can always go back to them before you write.

Map out the schedule

You don’t need to write five posts a day to create a great blog. Even a post a week can do the trick. It all depends on what you can manage properly. If you can only write a post of 500 words a week, do it.

Don’t try to overdo things. You may manage to squeeze time from your busy schedule to write five posts a week. And even the next. But you would find it increasingly difficult to keep up at this pace. Bite off what you can chew.

Tap into existing resources

You don’t need to invent everything new for your blog. At best, you may need to re-invent what you already have. A sensible idea is to use the online and offline materials you possess.

How do you do it? Suppose you own a restaurant and your blog is all about food. When you are too busy, you don’t really need to come up with something absolutely novel. Why not share a recipe with your readers? It will be quite welcome!

Enlist help

Taking up the entire blogging thing on your own isn’t a clever idea, especially when you have to handle hundreds of things alongside. Incorporate guest blog posts on your blog to make things easier.

Ask employees, vendors, customers and associates to create content. Also, let related businesses contribute posts. These will keep things moving. Just make sure someone evaluates the quality of the content before you post it.


It’s part of your job

Don’t forget, blogging is part of your task as a small business owner. While you may feel more comfortable working on the finances or managing employees, this responsibility requires your attention too.

Don’t neglect this; a good blog can be a major draw for people looking for information about the niche your business is in. It would also be a great way to establish yourself as an expert in what you do.

Enjoy blogging

Even if you are more interested in the ‘core’ business, you wouldn’t find blogging to be boring. You just need to find out which things you love to write about. Maybe writing on the ‘core’ business would be a good idea for you.

Along with writing the posts, or getting others to write them, you also need to keep track of the comments you get. It is important that you reply to these. It would help you create communication between you and the readers.

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