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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Business benefits of Google+ when it comes to SEO

Google+ has a strong impact on Google search since it is a product by Google and also because of the particular construct. While Google+ is serving as a social media at the same time it helps to improve search engine results. It enables to capture rich data of the internet users such as age, gender, location etc to streamline the Google search results.

Furthermore, when your website appears on search engine rankings, even the users who are not members of GooglePlus can view your content. When GooglePlus content is put up, there is a guarantee that it will be lurking around for a long period of time gaining and giving page ranks and appearing on results page of search engines. Research also shows that even with posts that are over a year old on your GooglePlus profile, the page can still rank on top of SERPs.


How To Set Up A Website To Boost Your Business
How To Set Up A Website To Boost Your Business
Moving on, if you have GooglePlus authorship, search results will give you a higher visual profile. You can validate your profile on GooglePlus with sites that you’re regularly publish and this will enable your image to be seen next to your ranking, as a result, attracting more visual attention on search engines. Content authority is a concept that is very closely linked to that of GooglePlus authorship.By giving authority to certain profiles, Google is keen on giving you a higher profile in search results. If someone posts interesting content on your page and this content is shared and liked by many, your profile will achieve higher authority. Statistics show that when GooglePlus authorship is obtained, your company’s search performance is consequently improved.

The social layer that exists in the GooglePlus network consists of many different social signals which improve your content’s social media optimization and your SEO. Unlike other social networks, this concept is not just about the number of follower you have. GooglePlus takes into consideration the level of interaction between your company and the content on your profile page in comparison to others of a higher authority. Therefore, if someone with higher authority shares content from your page, your authority will improve.

If you are a member of the GooglePlus network, your social signals will be used to determine page rankings in search results. This is because social signals are a better way of eliminating the ‘noise’ in order to improve quality of search results. This trend is likely to continue in the future because it is a better way to understand the real needs of people, which in turn is one of the founding principles of search engines such as Google.


If you are not effectively using GooglePlus, you are just losing out on high quality SEO techniques. Hopefully, after having read the above reasons, you will re-consider being a GooglePlus member and look further into social media optimization as a strategy for successful SEO.

Sophie Taylor is an experienced copywriter, she has been writing articles for almost 3 years and still enjoying it, other than writing she enjoys reading books, gardening and listening to music. Currently she’s writing article about SEO


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