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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to Jump Start Traffic in 4 Simple Ways

Traffic is elixir of online marketing. More traffic obviously means better conversion. There are tons of tutorials out there suggesting building of traffic. Unfortunately, they require time, which in turn is money. To cut short of time and jump-start your newly started business I have provided some great ways of jump-starting your traffic almost immediately.

Here are various ways of increasing your traffic


Twitter is a great way of increasing traffic. Steps are easier and effects can be seen earlier than other methods. Create a profile and start following people within the industry. Forget about unfollowing who don’t follow, just follow. After some while start retweeting important status. Among those retweets bring in your company’s updates. Finally get into conversation between leaders within the industry. This is a form of engagement, which will always pay off.

Do it in cycle; follow, retweet and then engage. You can break this cycle into days or weeks.


This is similar to the strategy applied in Twitter. However, in this version you will have to friend people within your industry. The chances of landing as friend with an industrial person are very low but not zero. These chances increase with the professional appearance of your profile. If you have landed on an important person as friend then it is much easier to friend their friends. Try sharing their updates. Possibly post other people’s update within the industry. Finally get to engage with them.

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Slideshare is a vital tool that is used by every industry out there. The main advantage of using Slideshare is its high ranking instantly. It has high Domain Authority and search engines tend to place more emphasis on Slideshare’s content.

Create a general info slide or on a specific topic that people search the most. Update the slide on Slideshare and you will receive constant traffic. This method works best if material submitted is of high quality and discusses most searched issues.

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Using Warrior Forum:

This is an interesting and most effective way of gaining thousands of traffic almost instantly. Come up with an interesting e book within your industry. Then within Warrior forum sell it for just $1 per copy. If possible, give away for some review. Finally get hold of affiliates. Spare them the whole cost i.e. $1. Doing this will boost sales. In return, you will gain thousands of emails. Once you have the emails, it is easier to send newsletters and gain instant traffic.

Note; Members of warrior forums are not fools. Therefore, coming up with crappy e book and trying to sell it will down your authority rather than build it. There are loads of ebook writers who can be hired to do the work. With respect to the number of pages for ebooks a simple 20 page will work wonder.

Beula is an Internet Marketer and is currently working on her blog dealing, which deals with unblocking fallopian tube.


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