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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

4 Easy Mistakes To Make (and Avoid!) When Launching A Website

Launching a website is an exciting time. You might be launching a website because you’re hoping to make money through becoming a famous blogger, you might be starting a simple information site, or you might be using your website as your central business platform for attracting new customers.

Whatever your reasons for doing so, it is something you need to get right.

New websites are typically littered with mistakes that can only be called ‘schoolboy errors.’ Even when someone is an online novice, they should have at least taken the time to understand what they need to do to oversee a successful website launch.

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That people don’t do this is nothing short of criminal and, as harsh as it may sound, those who take this approach usually end up getting what they deserve, which is a failed site.
What are the mistakes that are easy to make, but also easy to avoid when starting a new website?

Cheap Design

The internet is a place where the idiom ‘you get what you pay for’ sums many things up perfectly. This is certainly true when it comes to web design. Part of the problem is the number of hosting companies who promote their services by telling consumers how easy it is to get started with a website.
We’ve all seen the adverts that tell you to sign up at basement prices and then use a template to create a ‘professional looking site.’

Unfortunately, these types of websites end up looking old and boring very quickly; if you want a great looking website, then professional design is the best way to go.

Poor Hosting

If you’re putting your website together one step at a time, then hosting comes before even design, but many web novices will look straight to design as they believe they are one and the same thing.
The biggest mistake here is similar to the last one; if you go for cheap hosting, then you’re probably going to have problems. At the same time, many new website owners don’t really understand what they need, so end up with a weak server or paying over the odds for something they don’t really need.

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VPS hosting is usually a great option for new sites, unless you’re expecting huge levels of traffic, so finding the best VPS hosting provider is definitely worth doing.

Weak Ecommerce

Setting up an ecommerce site brings even more challenges to website owners. The most common mistake here is to simply set up an online catalogue and not add anything to the product pages. By adding your own content and making your ecommerce pages unique, you’re immediately giving yourself an SEO boost, and will stand out against your competitors.
Other ecommerce mistakes include not using a recognisable payments partner; PayPal or SagePay are the best options, or not making your site feel secure, which is vital if you’re asking people for card and account details.

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No Attention to SEO

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet when it comes to SEO, and it seems to attract new site owners like a magnet. If you can find space in your budget, look to find an SEO agency that can help you to get started, although Google has a great online guide that will help you with all early SEO on your site.
These four mistakes are easy to make, yet also easy to avoid. Doing the latter will leave your new site in a great position to thrive from day one, and ensure you aren’t left regretting the choices you made when setting it up.

AUTHORS BIO: Steve is a technology enthusiast looking to launch his own online business in the coming months, and is currently taking the time to research every aspect of starting a website to ensure he lands his launch successfully.


  1. this is a great post for and perfect timiny from you to me.. cos am looking to launch my website soon. all d above points are worth considering. thanks a million times for putting up such a great post.


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