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Friday, August 16, 2013

How Your Internet Service Could Be Hurting Your Business

Not every internet service is the same as another. Now, while most people understand this basic truth when it comes to comparing a sluggish dial up connection with high speed DSL connections, it’s often overlooked when it comes to choosing between a high quality provider’s residential internet and their business class services. The difference between both of those is also quite large, even if it’s hard to notice that your consumer web connection is inadequate because you’ve only ever used it for moderate typical stuff.

Basically, if you’ve recently moved into a new, expanded office for your business and decided to use the same kind of internet connection you have in your home because it never gave you problems there, you could be making a potentially painful mistake. The needs of a web savvy company office are going to soon get strangled by an ISP providers more basic services. You’ll need to connect through a business class connection and here’s why:

Cloud Computing

If your small business is involved in a lot of programming, data transfer (or storage) and development collaboration over cloud networks with partners and telecommuting employees that are scattered over a large geographical region, then business internet will save all of you a lot of technical glitch related headaches. The bottom line is that using heavy duty cloud collaboration on a regular basis works much more reliably when your connection speed is above 25 to 50 Mbps and this is the kind of speed that’s usually only offered by business internet connection accounts.

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Multiple High Bandwidth Users

While you might have several family members sucking up your modems wireless area at home, chances are that most of them aren’t doing much more than reading, watching YouTube or surfing their social media accounts. The result is light load even when several computers are connected to the same domestic connection.

In your business however, things are likely going to be quite a bit different. For one thing, the number of connection users might number well above a dozen and furthermore, a lot of them might be doing cloud or streaming video based work at the same time. This kind of use will take a heavy toll on your connection unless it happens to be a business account that’s designed for much more robust connection speeds.

Video Conferencing

If your company needs to regularly communicate with clients, partners and employees over long distances through video conferencing software, then being connected to a high quality business internet service connection becomes indispensable! Sharing information and maintaining the best possible audio and video clarity during one of these conferences is critical and much harder to achieve with a regular consumer internet connection.

Also, the consequences of pixelated video and dropped meeting times thanks to sudden connection related timeouts can be disastrous if you’re trying to coordinated an important project with telecommuting employees or partners that need to maintain effective interactive contact with you.

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Finally, bear in mind that even if you don’t immediately need to perform any sort of serious video conferencing, subscribing to a business internet connection at least gives you the option should you ever want to try it out for customer service or employee management reasons.

If your business actually does spend a lot of time and money on in-person meetings that require employees to travel, the much smaller costs of a business connection can really save you thousands of dollars by creating the option of holding high quality online business conferences.

A Few Basic Tips
  • Business connections will normally cost anywhere from 2 to 5 times more than a regular consumer connection; it may seem pricey but the benefits will create genuine long term savings. In essence, you’ll be investing in the future of your business growth.
  • Scalability is a key trait of all successful companies, and with a business connection, you can think about scaling your office upwards more quickly and easily if you should ever need to.
  • Unless you’ve got no choice, don’t go for connections that offer less than a minimum of 20Mbps for downloads and 5 to 10Mbps for uploads. Some companies offer slower speeds but classify their connection offer as “high speed business class internet” in order to justify higher prices.

About the author: Stephan Jukic is a freelance writer who generally covers a variety of subjects relating to the latest changes in white hat SEO, mobile technology, marketing tech and digital security. He also loves to read and write about location-free business, portable business management and finance. When not busy writing or consulting on technology and digital security, he spends his days enjoying life’s adventures either in Canada or Mexico, where he spends part of the year. Connect with Stephan on LinkedIn.

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  1. Having a fast internet connection is very essential for a business to improve performance and growth of a business. It is a very crucial resource in a business. It helps in making new deals and to get more business. Obviously very slow and bad internet connection can damage your business. A healthy internet means a healthy business.


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