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Friday, August 16, 2013

Global Warming And Online Storage

In light of the many catastrophic storms that have occurred in this calendar year alone, many business owners have started to recognize the need for data security. They are not worried so much about things like hackers and viruses as much as the actual existence of data.

For example, a single hurricane can take down power lines and flood office buildings. Doing so can lead to the destruction of servers, networks, and all of a company's computer equipment. Unless that firm was performing regular online backup, they could be facing a total loss.

Understanding the Risks

Whether it is an individual or a massive corporation, the use of online backup or cloud storage can be the difference between safety and a complete loss of important data. Take the example of famous actress Kim Novak. She had starred in one of Alfred Hitchock's most well know masterpieces - "Vertigo". She was in the process of writing an autobiography about her years of experience when a fire gutted her California home.

The manuscript for her book was lost in the fire, and yet a simple online backup plan would have saved her years of hard work from total loss.

Now, that is one tiny example of the reason to turn to cloud storage for everything from data to all of a firm's emails, and yet there are many other reasons to consider the use of online storage.

Unpredictable Problems

As a very good example, let's consider that a bad storm causes an electrical surge in a building. And even with optimal protection, a large number of the building's computers and network devices are totally "fried" by the event. While insurance plans will usually pay to restore the offices to working order, how will the business continue to function when there is no access to data?

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When a firm is using cloud storage and online backup, every bit of work is safe and sound at the end of business each day. In fact, the backup procedures can be queued to happen at any point during a day, and even as often as a business owner feels is required.

This makes it impossible for overwritten documents, system crashes, virus attacks, and damages from weather or electrical surges to do any truly lasting harm.

How it is Done

The important thing to remember is that a comprehensive service offering cloud storage is not going to limit their options to a single method or approach. Instead, this is the sort of solution that will be customizable, provide a range of memory sizes, and even extend such complex solutions as NAS backup too.

The reason for the diverse range of features and functions is to ensure that individual users as well as major corporations can benefit from access to the service. It is never just a matter of data preservation, but actual business functionality. This is why these firms make it easy for account holders to upload daily backup information but to also access and use the information in the event of an emergency.

A tornado, hurricane, flood, or electrical storm can easily wipe out the machinery in an office of any size. Knowing that financial, client, order, and basic business records are all well preserved at an offsite server will provide tremendous peace of mind, but knowing that these records are accessible and workable is even more important. Online storage should not be as "cut and dry" as a digital file cabinet, but should be part of an overall emergency plan that ensures the life of a company in the face of any challenges or problems.
Marco Bonanni of urges individuals and businesses to always back up their data. Services like TAPNET online backup allows you to store your files on the cloud for easy access and security.


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