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Saturday, March 2, 2013

How to Make Money Online Uploading Your Files to the Internet

Do you know you can make more than $200 uploading files to the internet? Well, this is for real; it is no joke because a friend of mine made $200 uploading his files to the internet. I never believed it, when i first heard about this but when he tried it, he made $200 within a month by following the steps as directed and I will be sharing this information for free so that my blog readers can start making money online too.

Some many people are making good money just uploading their files to a site and they are not ready to quit because it’s very easy legitimate.

How to Make Money Online Uploading Your Files to the Internet

This information to some people seem may very hard to believe, but do you know that some of these free file hosting site make a lot of money from advertisement on their site? And they can’t have all the files their visitors may need or want to download that is why they want you to upload your files. This will make them have as many files as possible and make good money from the files you uploaded. So why won’t they pay you for uploading files. is all i am talking about. You get paid when visitors to their site download any of the files you uploaded to their site. So all you have to do is to upload as many files you can to Hotfile and share your files links on Facebook ,Twitter and any where you know people can click on the link and download you file and your account grows.

It’s very easy to get started, all you have to do is to sign up with HOTFILE and you will automatically become an affiliate of the site. You can start uploading files to hotfile after registering with them.

Hotfile also allow this great feature called remote upload. This feature allows you to upload any software or any file from any website directly to hotfile without you first downloading the file to your system and then upload. All you have to do is to copy the final download link of the file from the site and use hotfile remote feature to upload the file to hotfile. So you see how easy it is, you can also use your phone to do this too.

You can check your earnings any time and your file download status when you are logged into your account. The minimum payout is $15. Once you hit $15 you can now send your money to your online account.
NOTE: This is not a get rich quick program but you can make good money from this if you are serious and put your time on it.

Once you reach the $15 payment threshold. You are now eligible to receive you money through PAYPAL, ALERTPAL or WEBMONEY. 

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  1. wow,good info and this will boost my earnings.
    thanks,keep it up n God bless.

  2. how much is it rated per download of my file?

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