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Thursday, February 28, 2013

5 Hot Ways To Make Money In Nigeria

It’s very painful to hear that most Nigerian graduates and youths are unemployed as a result of the poor state of our economy and our elected leaders are not doing anything about the high rate of unemployment in the country. In this article, I will be exposing some secretes on how to make money in Nigeria and be self employed. As a Nigerian like you I know how it feels to be jobless and that’s why I am revealing these top secrets to you. Just follow me carefully, be focused, keep an open mind and never doubt yourself again.


My five hot ways of making money in Nigeria are:
Video blogging
Your talent or gift

Video Blogging

Video blogging is a very lucrative way of making millions in Nigeria. It is not new anymore because it has been there for ages and so many Nigerians have taken advantage of it and they are making good money from it now. Jason Njoku, the owner of IRoko TV is one of the most popular Nigerian guys who started video blogging on YouTube and now he is making millions from it. He started by posting Nigerian songs and Nollywood videos online and now he has his own multi-million online TV. He made it by buying rights to posting Nigerian movies and music online and now he is making millions.


To start video blogging in Nigeria, I suggest you use YouTube because it’s simple and its Google official broadcasting video site. Visit and create a free account with them. You don’t have to pay to own an account it’s free. After creating an account with them, the next thing to do is to upload your own quality videos and tag it properly. Keep in mind uploading other people’s video can put you in trouble so create your own unique and quality interesting video and upload.

After uploading your videos, YouTube will give you an option of monetizing your videos so that you can start making money from any ad displayed on your videos. Trust me you will make millions if you monetize your videos and promote it very well.


This is similar to video blogging but in this case you don’t have to upload videos. Blogging is all about writing and publishing articles on your blog. If you are a good writer and you love writing, this is one sure way of making good money in Nigeria.

I suggest you blog about topics that interest you. You can blog about anything like education, sports entertainment, health etc.

There are so many sites to create your blog from but I will recommend and wordpress because they are simple and easy to use and also very popular. After creating your blog, write good original articles and publish. Promote your blog and start making money from it.


Freelance is when you work for different companies rather than being permanently employed by one company. Some site allows you to register and take projects from people or companies. You can make money online as a freelancer.

To get started in freelancing, simply visit any of the popular freelance sites like register, browse through their project and apply for them.


Nigerian graduates and youths today limit themselves by thinking that the only way to make it in life is by working in an oil company or getting an office job. They don’t know that so many people are silently making millions from agriculture in Nigeria today.

Farming or agriculture is a sure way of making money in Nigeria today. Former president Olusegun Obasanjo is a farmer and he is making millions everyday from his farmland.

Take advantage of our fertile land and start cultivating it and you can also go into livestock farming so that you can be financially free.

Your Talent Or Gift

We all know that our Nigeria music industry is growing very fast and popular artist like 2face, P-square , MI etc are making millions from music using their unique talents.

If you have talent in music why not record a demo album and share it with recording labels in Nigeria so that they hear your songs and produce it but that is if you have a good song. You have to develop yourself and write good songs so that a good recording label can sign you up, produce you and turn you into a super star so that you too can start earning your own money from the industry.

If you have been looking for a job and you’ve not gotten any job as a result of our bad economy, I encourage you today to start something for yourself. Think of something you can do and start a business from it so that you can be self employed. Also keep in mind that, winners never quits. Meet you at the top.

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  1. love that advise keep it up bros

  2. U Damn tried bros, keep it up

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