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Saturday, September 3, 2016

10 Money Managing Tips that Make All the Difference

Money cannot buy happiness, but it still does not mean that you should waste it. Every dollar counts and if you have earned it, you should save it. Managing money is a bit of an issue for some because they never actually learned how to do it. Here are some golden tips on how to manage your finances.

Set up Your Budget Properly

Determine a realistic monthly or weekly budget and stick to it. This will keep you from dipping into your savings or taking up loans that you have to pay off later. In the long run proper budgeting will save you tons of money.

Grow Your Food if Possible

If you grow your own little garden on a patch of land, you can save money on vegetables. It is not free, but it’s around 30%-50% cheaper than the vegetables you buy in a store. If you grow your herbs and spice, the cost is up to 100% lower.

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Reuse, Recycle and Sell 

Once every couple of months, take a look at the stuff you don’t use anymore. Be it clothes, appliances or something completely different. Ask yourself if you can use it in some other way, recycle it or sell it.

Enjoy Coupon Clipping and Learn the Sales Cycle

Coupon clipping is a well know way of saving money. Also, a lot of stores have their own sales cycles. Ask the shop assistant about their cycle and plan your shopping accordingly.

Use Your Bike Instead of Your Car Whenever Possible 

Cycling to work, to the shops or just for fun is the most environmentally friendly way of moving around. Cycling saves money and is very healthy. By not using your car all the time, you will save up a fortune in fuel.

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Forget About Bottled Water

There is many evidence that tap water is just as good for you as the bottled water. Buying those bottles is not environmentally friendly and it doesn’t make any sense. Also, bottled water costs a pretty penny. Fill your bottle with tap water and bring it with you.

Get Some Proper Insulation for You Home

You don’t want to consume energy and spend money heating up and cooling down your front yard. That is exactly what you will be doing if you don’t insulate your home. Start by simple insulation tape around your door and windows. You can help your insulation efforts by planting some trees around your home.

Think Your Mortgage Through

You do not have to take the first mortgage option that falls down into your lap. Try shopping around for different options and choose the one that is financially most feasible for you. Also, review the mortgage that you already have and ask for advice from a professional.

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Deal with Loans and Credit Cards

If you have more than one credit card, try paying off the one that charges the highest interest first. After that, use the credit cards only as the last resort and try to pay off the debt with first money you get.

Always Pay Your Rent in Time 

Late payments always include some sorts of fees that you need to avoid. Use services that make sure you pay on time and win credits at the same time. Make it automated and easy, so that you just need to hit a – pay my rent button and be done with it. There are always some good deals when it comes to paying your bills and utilities. It requires constant research but it is well worth your while. Also, every time you reach for your wallet, ask yourself if that is a purchase that you truly want to make.


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