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Sunday, July 10, 2016

5 Tips for Successful Business Relocation

One of the great ways to cut the costs of your business is to relocate it to a cheaper place. On the other hand, a bigger venue may be needed if you are expanding. An awesome brick and mortar shop at a prominent place can mean an excellent boost of profit. With all this in mind, chances are that you will relocate your business at some point in the future. Here are five valuable tips on how to do it easily and efficiently.

Tips for Successful Business Relocation

Have Proper Announcement
Your customers are used to your old address. They know how your shop looks like, where everything is and how to reach you. It is hard to break the force of habit, so it is important that you announce you’re moving in time. Make a big campaign; give away leaflets, offer prizes and discounts for the first buyers at your new location. You can even organize a scavenger hunt that will lead people to your new store.

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Think About Your Employees
If you are moving away to a different city or even a different state, you need to think about the possibility of losing your employees. Some of them may not want to move. Other will, but that would probably require a raise. You need to weigh your options and possibilities in that situation. If you do not think that you will be able to take some of your best employees with you, start conducting the hiring process and interviews in time. You do not want to get caught without good employees once you need to start working.  

You Have a Lot of Cleaning to Do 
Your new venue should be cleaned thoroughly before you start redecorating, but your old one should be spotless when you leave. If you leave a ton of junk behind you, it will leave a really bad impression. That is a reputation that can follow you to your new place and that is not the start you want. However, do not burden yourself or your employees with this cleaning up. Hire a good junk removal company to do that for you.

Give Out New Contact Details
You probably already have your advertisements all over the place. All those leaflets, billboards or ads in the newspapers need to be fixed. You need to do your best to spread the word about the new contact details that you have. Make a list of your most important clients and partners and call them personally to give them heads up about your new location. Returning customers, people on your email list and everybody else you can reach should know about your move.

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Do Not Forget about the Costs
Do not expect for this moving action to be cheap. Somehow, it always ends up more expensive than you thought. You will have bills from your previous venue and the deposit for the new one. You will face a pretty slow period of being new in your newly selected city. You will spend money on movers, employment processes, and many more details. All this does not even include the decoration of your new offices or costs of announcing your movement or arrival. Therefore, make this move only when you are financially ready for it.

Besides these things, it is very important to think about the rules, laws and other legal culprits that may occur if you are moving your business from one state to another. Laws may be different and it is important that you extend your research to this part of business operations, besides learning everything you can about the market in your new town.


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