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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Top Reasons To Choose A Career In IT

Even if you've never considered yourself a person interested in computers, technology and programming, think again, because there is a plethora of reasons to get in touch with the field. Here are some of the top ones regarding a career in the IT sector (in no particular order).

Choose A Career In IT


Remember the old division into male and female jobs? Well, a good thing about the IT sector is that this old rule is now null and void. While on the one hand some of the best companies are run by men, some of the best programmers they hire are women, and vice versa. So if you like it, just go for it, and the results may surprise you.

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We all need it

No matter what you decide to do in life, no matter the career you choose, the reality is we all need computers nowadays. Or mobile phones, while we are at it. So if there is something we are going to live with anyway, we should get to know it better.

A significant income

Once you start with IT it is difficult to stop, and your pay check is definitely something that will keep you going every month. And the more you work, the more income you will end up having, since programming jobs are notoriously time-consuming.

It can be learned

Any new skill can be learned, and IT is no exception. At times it may seem difficult, at other times it might be a piece of cake, however, what is certain is that it is always a challenge. In fact, in the recent years more and more schools and universities started offering study programmes in computer sciences and programming, as the market is blooming with job offers, so getting an ict degree is a way of ensuring one’s future.

Lack of experts with the needed knowledge and skills

The more something is popular, the more people want to do it, but not as many become true experts. Therefore, each and every new programmer has an opportunity to fill that gap by specialising in one or two, or even several, branches of the trade.

It offers numerous possibilities

Don't think of IT as one single profession, because that's not true. Web programmer, database administrator, web designer, applications engineer, web developer, system administrator, application support analyst, data quality manager, and software quality assurance analyst are just some of the dozens of the most wanted job titles in IT sector. And the list gets longer and longer every day.

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It can be pursued from home

Working in an office, some days it may be a real nag to get out of bed, let alone leave the house and head through traffic jams twice a day. Well, with a career in IT, this no longer holds true, because all you need to work is a computer, and you can finish your job from wherever you are. That means it is easy to base your office at home and not waste any more time on transport, provided that your company allows this kind of deals.

It is the future

By the time the students who enrol on their studies this year graduate, many of the jobs they specialised for will no longer exist, but it is encouraging that as many as double of that number will most likely appear. This offers many opportunities and the sooner we realise this, the better. We all see how much computers and mobile phones influence our daily lives, but we are barely aware of how much are they changing our future. Prospects for careers in IT rise on a daily basis, so why not grab one of the chances? You may turn out better than you thought!

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