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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cloud Applications Businesses will Request in 2014

Several years ago, cloud computing was a blurry, yet revolutionary concept that was predestined to change our collaboration, file sharing and data storage habits. As cloud apps grow widely adopted, even an average user is able to understand and make use of their potential. Many companies have shifted their daily activities to different cloud-based software programs and they will continue expanding their clouds in 2014, adopting the following apps.

Cloud Applications Businesses will Request in 2014

1. Collaboration apps

While Dropbox was conquering consumer market, other cloud developers focused on adjusting their apps to the needs of professionals. Google Docs has already become a default way of developing business projects but Box will significantly expand their market, replacing Google in many companies. All these services offer many features employees love and this behavior will require company managers to work out efficient strategies for implementing them into their current settings. Cloud collaboration is essential in modern companies because it enables constant access to important files from different devices, as well as easy file sharing, desktop syncing and document editing.

2. Customer relationship management

CRM software programs powered by the cloud have made a true revolution in companies of all sizes, offering them a possibility to reinvent their internal and external communications at low price. One of the pioneers of cloud CRM, maintains its stable position as a leader in the market but many other applications may become its alternatives. SugarCRM is an open source platform that can be seamlessly integrated with various communication systems but that is not very simple to install and run. However, SageCRM and Acumatica are excellent alternatives to these two, as they are quite easy to set up and are inexpensive to maintain.

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3. Accounting services

Financial activities have become way more efficient with the introduction of online accounting tools such as Quickbooks Online and Freshbooks. These two apps dominate small-to-medium-sized business market because they offer feature –rich programs any accountant can easily get savvy with. They provide a centralized cloud space where employees can keep track of the most important financial and budgeting data.

4. HR Management apps

In the world of online communication, it’s not always necessary to hire an employee who is physically close to your offices. Instead, you can hire an external collaborator to whom you can communicate with via the web. This possibility has significantly transformed current job market and it requires alternative approach to HR. To get in touch with potential hires, you can use any of automated cloud-based HR tools that would enable you to successfully track, communicate and monitor your potential and existing employees. Solutions such as TribeHR or iEmployee may add up to your HR department’s efficiency and eventually your company’s success.

5. eCommerce apps

To run a successful online business and achieve significant profit doesn’t require you to establish a large company or have many employees. and Zendesk are excellent platforms that allow you to integrate different tools with which you can maintain conversation with your customers, keep track of their orders and monitor your competitor’s activities. Regardless of the type of the business you run, these apps would give you an excellent insight into the market and help you expand your online presence to increase your sales.

Leana Thorne is a devoted blogger and a regular contributor to several tech blogs. She enjoys exploring new internet technologies and sharing newly found information, and loves writing - notably about web hosting and cloud computing and their implementation in mobile technology software platforms.


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