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Monday, December 2, 2013

Best Social Media Apps Used for Lead Generation

The marketing world has been revolutionized in the last decade or so by the explosion in social media use. No serious marketer can afford to ignore social media. That’s not to say that tradition avenues of marketing do not remain important: they do. It’s not to say that other types of internet marketing are not important: they are. It does mean that any business serious about marketing must have a social media presence.

Best Social Media Apps Used for Lead Generation

Social media platforms are not just for keeping up with friends. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites offer the marketer some of the most powerful tools she can have at her disposal. Marketing is more than merely telling and selling (it always was and always will be more than that).
Social Signals: Maximizing Social Networks
Social Signals: Maximizing Social Networks

Marketing is all about satisfying customer needs: and how do you do that if you do not know what those needs are? Social media presents marketers with various channels to find out exactly what their customers want.

Social media apps are changing and developing all the time. So it is always the case that you should check out what new developments are in the pipeline. You can use your social media presence to help you to do this. A simple Twitter post, asking about what’s new, will likely lead to a flood of responses. Your LinkedIn network is also a good source that you can turn to in order to find out about the latest trends. What follows are some of the current social media apps that will be useful for the marketer.

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This was first launched in 2010. It was initially designed for markers to use on Twitter to engage with existing and new audiences. You use this to run photo and video hashtag and campaigns with the aim of growing activity on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

For example, a fashion retailer might introduce a competition for followers and fans to submit a video of their own fashion shoots with a prize for the winner of a new wardrobe from the stores new season’s lines.


You may well know this app by its pervious name, Lujure. It was originally launched to make Facebook tabs a little easier to create. More recent updates allow apps to run on mobiles and websites as landing pages.

If you want to run a Facebook campaign, Heyo gives you a convenient and straightforward method to create a campaign and that will be optimized for mobile devices. You could, for example, run a group promotion that encourages your fans to get their friends to your promotion. The carrot for your fans to do this is the reward that they are offered for getting their friends to your promotion.


Internet savvy marketers had been looking for a something that would allow them to leverage Facebook. Tabsite was designed expressly for that purpose and was launched in 2010. If you have a Facebook presence, Tabsite lets you go to your fan page and create and manage custom tabs and run promotions. Tabsite also allows you to import content from your blog and add videos from YouTube.


This is a great app if you are a small business, especially if you don’t have access to expensive technical help. Pagemodo lets you pretty quickly design and publish your own Facebook page apps. It has features that allow you to use slideshows and videos and to create contact forms.

Use Pagemodo for designing campaigns to increase the number of Facebook fans that you have. It has the facility for you to pick your theme and decorate this with your own images or pick from a range of free stock photos. Adding text is fairly straightforward even if you lack a little expertise in this department.

Fanz Appz

Fanz Appz is described as a ‘personalized marketing’ tool. Its purpose is to give marketers the opportunity to enhance their engagement on Facebook and increase their conversion of fans to customers.

The idea behind Fanz Appz is that social media is a world where information, including personal data, is freely shared. If business can tap into this information, with permission, it will allow them to more accurately target their marketing efforts.

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The above are just five available social media apps for marketers. To repeat the point made earlier, this is a dynamic field, so it’s always worthwhile checking out what the latest developments are.

Author Bio:
Bruce Young is a professional Online Marketer doing SEO Services for Australian clients. Bruce finds free time to write SEO, Social Media and paid search articles on his blog.


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