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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Latest Android News Apps

These are applications working on Android platform to deliver the latest news and updates. This article presents the latest news apps for the Android.

Latest News Apps for the Android

The Guardian App:

This app will enable you to join the guardian newspaper conversations, debate, submit comments and share content. You can use this app to program download of the newspaper daily and save your preferred content for later offline reading.

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Engadget app:

This app is the eventual source of news covering technology and electrical gadgets. You can stream news daily, watch news coverage as they happen and read views. Further, you can browse photo galleries to view new products and gain access to the podcasts listed in the website. You can also gain tips from tech editors and writers and any other breaking news from the technology world.

CNN App:

This app will keep you informed on the most recent breaking news. Here you will read tech stories, entertainment stories, sports stories and international stories. In addition, you can view video clips of live proceedings and CNN shows. More interestingly, you contribute your own story by uploading photos and videos so as to make your story look unique with the CNN’s iReport.

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USA Today:

This app gives you a detailed outlook on what is taking place around the country. Here you will be updated on sports, travel, tech and news. You can also use the social media to share news coverage. If you are a sports enthusiast, the sports news particularly the scores section where you will find the updates from all the main leagues will be your favourite section.

Google currents:

This app offers tablet and mobile friendly magazines from major publishers like the Guardian, Forbes and Tech Crunch. The app is able to offer breaking news in a wide category because of the Google search. You can save your preferred news and read them later.

AP Mobile App:

This app has a detailed guide for the latest information and news. You can get news from the trusted sources such as San Francisco Chronicle, the Miami Herald, the Boston Globe and other sources. You can browse news from entertainment to business to sports and to the world news. You can also read news in Spanish, French and English. In addition, you can view photos, watch videos and share articles with friends.

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Feedly App:

This is the final replacement for Google reader. This app combines blogs and popular sites to deliver news fast. All the information is delivered to you on a mobile optimized format. You can also be able to share content on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The user interface structures the information in such a manner to fit on your tablet/phone so as to be viewed as a full magazine. This app has a fantastic browser speed and can feed you with news feed and blogs on your phone.

NPR News App:

This app delivers news to your mobile app and has information suitable for all ages. The information is from the public radio station which uses this app to condense all their programming to a simple platform. You can enjoy listening to a number of programs such as fresh air, talk of the nation and all things considered.


With these apps, you will be updated on your mobile device with the most recent news. You can incorporate sky number in any of the apps to get the latest news updates.


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