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Friday, September 6, 2013

Make money through contract positions: Get the facts straight

According to a recent survey involving more than 3,000 hiring managers as well as human resource executives, conducted by Harris Interactive and CareerBuilder, it was found that over one third of the American companies are opting for contractual or temporary labourers in 2013.

So, if you want to be a part of that workforce, then there are ample opportunities or many easy ways to make money and take advantage of.

Short-term contractual jobs

Here are some of the options to make money through contract positions:

* Web strategist - When speaking about the websites, these have become one of the most important tools of promotion for almost all the businesses in the world. Moreover, they act as a public relations platform for the organizations.

Prospective customers are always on the lookout for a company on the web to conduct business without even picking up the phone. So, a budding entrepreneur will always want to get an expert on board his marketing team to leverage his/her expertise in finding out the loopholes and ways to grow both web as well as social media presence.

At this juncture, you may be the right person to fill up that post of a web strategist who can do it all from scratch. Even the pay isn’t that bad at near about $36.37 per hour that can go up as high as $80, depending upon the level of expertise you have.

* Sales representative - Both marketing and sales are mainstay of any small business. However, with gradual expansion of the business, things tend to become tricky and more complicated.

Moreover, if the business owner is too busy with all his or her priorities, then he or she may struggle to devote ample time to acquire fresh business and then follow up with those leads. However, for an energetic sales person, the job of cold-calling, networking with the clients and retaining the existing ones to keep the company’s revenue rolling will seem to more of a fun than an actual job.

As a result, the owner gets to provide undivided attention to bigger and more important issues. So, you may well work as a sales representative and earn to the tune of say $27-30 per hour for that.

* Bookkeeping and accounting - A lot of business owners usually do this job on their own, but when they get overwhelmed with all the other business obligations, then they want this particular job to be done by someone else.

Essentially, you may have to deal with huge piled up bills that are in backlog and must be cleared off at once. Moreover, you may also have to reconcile some old bank accounts and things like that.

Traditionally, bookkeeping or accounting jobs are given out on a part-time basis, for instance, for a day or two in a month. For that, you may get paid around $25-35 per hour for some basic bookkeeping work.

In case, you are a CPA or CFO, then expect to get compensated by around $45-70 for every hours of labor that you put in.


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