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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Top Tips To Make Your Blog Content A Success

There are literally thousands of different reasons, subjects and interests that compel you start your own blog. Many people do it to promote information regarding something they have a passion for, others do it to help their business giving information regarding products and services they provide to engage customers and increase SEO ranking. However, no matter what the reason may be, success for all blogs is going to come down to one thing; creating content that people actually want to read.

Obviously if a user is visiting a niche blog, it is going to be because something has compelled them to do so. It could be a call to action through a social media campaign or email or as simple as they have entered a search term into Google and your blog is one of the results that came up. No matter what the reason, now that you’ve got them there, it’s up to you to actively engage them through your content and make sure that they aren’t just a one-time visitor, but a regular reader.  So how do we actually do this? Well there are a number of different ways.

How To Promote Business Events On Facebook
How To Promote Business Events On Facebook
How To Promote Business Events On Facebook
How To Promote Business Events On Facebook
How To Promote Business Events On Facebook
How To Promote Business Events On Facebook
How To Promote Business Events On Facebook
How To Promote Business Events On Facebook

Be Topical

When deciding what to write and who to write it for, make sure that you are picking a subject that is topical in the sense that it is prevalent to modern day society and something that people would really be interested in reading. This could be something that is currently trending in media, an environmental situation or even an insight into current society and life in general. Like I stated at the start of the article, there are so, so many different subjects you can write about, it’s just up to you to choose something that people will be interested. While it has to be topical, there is nothing wrong with you putting a modern twist on a historical subject.
Many people enjoy looking back out of interest as well as to also create some kind of a retrospective insight and comparison between then and now. Catering to this audience allows you to not only create topical and interesting content, but something that is still going to be engaging somewhere down the line.

While topical content is popular, this upside is also the one drawback in the sense that although people reading it in the present will be interested in the content, in the weeks, months or years down the line people aren’t going to be as interested as it will be past subjects with very little present relevance.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Although topical content is good, major success within blogging comes in the ability to get ahead of the curve. By this I mean creating content on a style and subject that has not yet become common place. Basically, while a topical subject is good, the fact that it is good means that countless blogs all over the world will also be taking advantage of this subject to create their own content and engage their audiences. This then begs the question, if a user reads content somewhere else, what is going to make them read your posts on a similar subject?

Even though putting a different spin on the subject could do the trick, you are going to see much more success if you actually come up with something innovative and new. Now, I know this is easier said than done, but it is achievable for any blog. It doesn’t have to be some worldwide breaking news that would get people from all corners of the globe visiting for this exclusive, it could be something simple such as news from your local area, information regarding your business or something personal to you. It could even be looking at something from a different perspective or your own point of view. The idea is just to create something unique, that helps your blog stand out on its own and something that people are going to be interested to visit.


Follow Your Audience

While the majority of people will visit your website because they are interested in you and what you have to say, once you have built up a strong following, there’s nothing wrong with you playing to this audience. By this I mean if you know what the vast majority of your audience likes, there’s nothing wrong with styling your content in a way that you know your readers will enjoy. This ensures that those followers you do have are always going to return to read your latest posts. However, you don’t want to rely solely on this. While it will be of interest to your dedicated followers, it may not appeal to other people, reducing the potential for any new followers. The best way to solve this is to create a balance in your styles, catering to new and dedicated readers. To create this contrast in writing styles, many blogs either have numerous contributors as well as offering a number of guest blog positions. While people may not like some of your posts, if the vast majority of your articles appeal to the vast majority of your readers and new visitors, you are going to create very successful and appealing blog.

This article was written by John Johnston. John is part of the marketing team for Workwear Express, one of the leading suppliers of branded workwear, t-shirt printing and winter workwear.


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