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Thursday, August 22, 2013

3 Online Services Where Students Can Improve Touch Typing Skills

Whether it’s at work, at home and even in leisure, students can look forward to their future as being filled with countless moments where they would have to type. In fact, they already have a good clean look of how things will be even this early.

At school, the instances of them having to type things are rapidly catching up to when they actually are writing stuff on a piece of paper. The world has turned digital, and that was years ago. Not being able to cope or adopt with it would degrade the chances of a student landing the job that he/she truly wants.

Having said that, it is absolutely vital for a student to dedicate some of his/her time to improve touch typing skills. Fortunately for you today, if you are a student with that goal in mind, we have rounded up the three websites that online users are finding most helpful when it comes to touch typing practice.

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It’s a website that aims to help students or anyone who want to improve his or her typing skills. According to the site, typing nowadays is more important than writing. Very few people would argue that.
When you’re on its homepage, it’s very easy to determine what the website wants to achieve. Signing up can be as easy as logging in with your Facebook account. In its about page, it does a great job of stressing the importance of the skill of typing in today’s digital-centric environment. They offer a typing test, tutor and some valuable free tips on how the user can instantly improve his or her typing methods. What’s unique in this site that it provides a free certificate of your typing performance, which is great in measuring improvement and (let’s be honest) bragging rights.

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Users will easily find this website as a systemic place where they can improve typing. Typing web is a feature-packed site that includes activities like games, exams, and certifications for anyone who wants to improve in typing. Students would surely feel welcomed especially when they have their teacher greeting them. What’s great about this site is that it has connections with every large school district in the US. This allows students and their teachers to meet online so teachers can keep honing their student’s typing skills virtually anywhere.

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This web site has usability and simplicity in mind. It focuses on the premise that a little competition can serve as a huge motivation for students to strive harder in improving any aspects in their life including typing. It wastes no time in challenging the user to prove his or her skill and improving it with an addictive typing test meant to score your typing speed against all its users. After you’re done with your first test, it’s certain that it wouldn’t be your last because measuring oneself against a sea of competition can easily hook someone into trying it multiple times. Another positive is that sign up is a breeze, because the site support several existing account users may already own.

AUTHORS BIO: Adam Fort is a freelance writer and touch typing enthusiast.


  1. skoolboi kingsley okoyeAugust 23, 2013 at 11:52 PM

    If Nigerian students will develop a researche attitude and stick to educative sites like this, this world will be a better place.

  2. Being able to type well and fast is exactly what i need. I have this problem now because i neglected it before. I think this is a wonderful eye opener to younger individuals. Keep the flag flying


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